{Black and White Sunday} Special New Sleep Spot

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I always find it fun to watch as our dogs establish their new routines once we move into a new home. They inevitably pick new favorite sleep spots, have to learn the best places where the sunlight hits the floor just right, and even to figure out how to ask for a trip to the yard.


I set Scooter’s Sleepypod under the console table, intending to take it back out to the car again. Scooter had other plans though, and now this is his favorite spot to catch a long afternoon nap. I’m glad the Sleepypod has a lovely design, so at least we don’t mind having it sit out for him to use!

Clicker Training with a Box

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The first time we posted for the Positive Pet Training Blog Hop, I shared with you my goals of working with Scooter on clicker training. Things have gone very well! He’s so smart, and took to the clicker immediately. The hardest part of working with him is finding the right treat that will keep him motivated.


Scooters favorite trick that he’s learned since we’ve begun clicker training is ‘touch‘ and he’s progressed with it far enough that he can touch and target a very small item now. We started with HUGE things, like some of Bears big toys, or a pillow, and have since refined his skills quite quickly. He always feels so proud of himself and the clicker seems to motivate him to work harder.


This month’s theme for the blog hop was ‘101 Things to Do with a Box‘. Of course, Karen Prior has a training guide entitled just that which is a fun launching point if you’re in need of ideas where to start.

So what are Scooter’s favorite things to do with a box??

box1 Pose inside of them!


And perch atop them, like King of the Castle!

He can’t jump in and out of most boxes due to his leg issues, but we find plenty of fun ways to train with a simple box none the less.

Have you and your pup been training together recently? What are you working on? 


National Walk Your Dog Week

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Did you know that the first week of every October is dedicated as National Walk Your Dog Week?


National Walk Your Dog Week was founded in 2010 by Pet Lifestyle Expert & Animal Behaviorist Colleen Paige. She wanted to bring awareness to the increasing problem of canine obesity, and behavioral issues that stem from lack of exercise and mental stimulation. Walk Your Dog Week aims to educate and improve the health and well being of the dogs in America. A worthy goal, no? 


Bear, Scooter, and I are committed to taking (at least) one daily walk together this week to explore our new neighborhood. Today we took a mid day walk and it was a nice break for all three of us. We often like to take evening walks with their poppa and spend the time ‘catching up’ as a family.

How often do you and your dog go for walks together? Is it a daily outing that’s to be expected for you?