Scooter’s Christmas Gift Guide 2014

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Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, it’s full-on Christmas Season everywhere! Just like last year, we’ll be doing a separate Christmas Gift Guide for big and small dogs- Bear and Scooter’s versions. Our gift guides are typically composed of some of the boys’ favorite products we’ve discovered over the past year, as well as a few items on their personal puppy wishlists.



  1. Sleepypod Air- It’s true that Scooter already has a Sleepypod Mini that he loves and adores. It keeps him safe in the car and we love the peace of mind it provides us as pet parents. A Sleepypod Air though, would allow Scooter to travel safely and comfortably with me on planes, and it’s compatible with the Sleepypod Sidekick (bike rack) which is actually on my Christmas Wish List this year because my husband and I bike together a lot through Portland, and taking Scooter with us would be wonderful!
  2. Fruitables Pet Treats- We’ve tried our fair share of Fruitables pet treats around here, and they’re always winners in our house! The different types of treats they provide give us all the ‘ammo’ we need to train and reward our boys. Crunchy biscuits, chewy jerky treats, greek yogurt, and more. Scooter really enjoys the Watermelon flavored skinny mini’s the most right now. Shop Fruitables pet treats if you’re looking for a healthy treat option for your pets.
  3. Epica Pet Brush- We just discovered this product this year, and highly recommend it to all of our other Pom parents out there. This brush has been revolutionary in our at home grooming routine, and has greatly helped Scooter overcome his fear of the brush in just short of two months. This brush helps to gently de-tangle your pets coat, and pull out the undercoat without pain or discomfort.
  4. Winter Pet Coat - The Winter Pet Coats from PetParent are new but they’ve already got us drooling! They come in three great color schemes, and look so cozy and comfy. Scooter can wear pet coats during the cooler season and especially likes to wear them if it’s raining or snowing to keep his coat dry so it doesn’t get all frizzy. He’s got two great coats already, but this warm and puffy option has caught his eye!
  5. Wondercide Evolv- We went ‘all natural’ on our flea/tick prevention about three years ago and we’ve never looked back. The discovery of the Wondercide Evolv spray has made staying all natural simple, and effective! We just have to remember to spray our pups every few days with a gentle, non-toxic spray, and they smell lightly of cedar as all the creepy critters are repelled away.


Scooter actually ended up getting a few of the items from his gift list last year, and has been enjoying them fully- if you need more small dog gift ideas, be sure to check his 2013 list.

So that’s what has caught Scooter’s attention in the small-dog world as of late. What is on your pup’s wish list this year? 

Scooter loves his #Canine Caviar

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This post is sponsored by Canine Caviar and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Canine Caviar, but SheSpeaksBark only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Canine Caviar is not responsible for the content of this article.


Canine Caviar’s food is unique because it is based on an alkaline diet. The funny part of this, is that I have been learning about the benefits of an alkaline diet for humans a lot recently, and had been implementing some changes into my own lifestyle. Now Scooter’s right on board with me on his new Canine Caviar diet. The reasoning behind a high alkaline diet is simple, the higher the oxygenation level of your blood, the harder it is supposed to be for diseases and cancer to take hold.

Scooter has really been enjoying his new kibble from Canine Caviar. He’s eating the Wilderness ALS blend and gives it 4 paws up! Canine Caviar kibble is higher in calories than other kibble foods, meaning that less food is consumed, and less waste is produced. Hello win-win! The high-calorie diet is also great for Scooter, who as a small breed dog, can have a tendency towards spikes and drops in blood sugar. This diet keeps him at a much more stable level and the kibble bits are perfectly sized for his smaller mouth.

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Since our switch to Canine Caviar, we’ve noticed that he’s also always ready and excited to eat now. We love that. Our food struggles with Scooter are something we’ve not been shy about here on the blog. He’s been on at least 20 different types of kibble in his 6 years for the simple fact that he stops eating all of them at some point- usually after just a few meals.

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As we mentioned in our Canine Caviar intro post, Scooter also received some extras in addition to his kibble. He loves all three of the items received- the Canine Caviar veggies, dried sweet potato treats, buffalo jerky, and buffalo stix. Feeding him the veggies with his meals makes me feel like a great Pet Parent, and I can tell he just adores them. Instead of soaking the Synergy veggie mix with water as suggested, we tried it the second time with low sodium chicken broth which Scooter loved even more.

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Canine Caviar has been crafting high quality pet foods since 1996 and their highest concern is making the best products possible while still keeping them affordable. The Canine Caviar formula is easily digested and works wonders an unsettled stomachs. The formula reduces itching, scratching, shedding, and hot spots. The kibble blend contains a fermentation culture that helps your pet digest and absorb the nutrients from their food.