Biking With Dogs Series

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We gave you a sneak peek last week during our Wordless Wednesday post, and several of you left comments on the blog or facebook with correct guesses about our new upcoming series- Biking With Dogs.


Many of you are aware we live in Portland, Oregon- arguably the biking capital of the USA. My husband is a bike commuter, and we often bike around on the weekends as both transportation, and simply for enjoyment. Since moving to Portland, biking has become a huge part of our lives and now we are so excited to be able to go out biking with dogs! Formerly, both the boys would pout when they’d see us pull out our bikes, knowing they wouldn’t be included in the adventures. But now when we grab our bikes, we are greeted with barks & howls of celebration!


There are several ways for a PetParent to include their dogs with them during a bike outing; some of these methods involve the pet parents hauling the dogs, while other entail the dogs running alongside the bike- typically attached by leash in some fashion to the bike frame. We will be highlighting two different products that we have started to use, both of which require us to put in the physical work while the dogs enjoy the ride. At thirteen years old, Bear isn’t going to be keeping up with us on a bike- and he totally deserves to sit back and take in the view.

Biking With Dogs Product Spotlight:

Sleepypod Sidekick- for use with the Sleepypod Air 

Solvit HoundAbout II Trailer


So now I’m curious- do you personally enjoy biking? Have you ever taken your dog out biking with you? If you have any questions about biking with dogs, we’d love to try address them in our upcoming posts- so please leave them in the comments!

{Black and White Sunday} Hiking the Gorge

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We recently went on a hike in the gorge that fell into the ‘too challenging’ category for our senior boy Bear. Sadly, this is the first time we’ve had to tackle a hike without him, but it was in his own best interest. Keeping his aging joints in mind, his lower energy levels, and the heat that day, we made the decision to leave Bear at home. Our dogs live for exploring and adventuring with us, so we had to keep things low key and try to slip out the door without giving him too many clues as to what we were up to.


It was really odd being out exploring without our old boy, but we made the best of it! My parents were in town visiting, and we were able to capture a rare family photo to commemorate our hike. Scooter loved being the center of attention, and while it was a steep and difficult hike, he’s small enough that we all took turns carrying him when he tired.

Do you go hiking with your dogs? Where is your favorite hiking spot? 

Bravo Pet Foods: Raw Food Diets

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If you’ve followed our Camping With Dogs Series at all, you’re probably aware by now that we’re huge fans of the Bravo Homestyle Completes when we’re off adventuring and camping. This is freeze dried raw food that we simply re hydrate when we’re ready, and feed right to our boys.


We also use & love Bravo’s dried beef trachea chews as a treat for both Bear and Scooter because they come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different dogs.


Bravo also makes frozen raw dog food that comes in a few different options, depending on your personal preference & feeding style; Boneless, Basics, Blends, and Balance. Additional details on each are provided in the chart below, or you can view them here on the Bravo site.


Just a few reasons we love Bravo Pet Foods:

  • Bravo is a family owned company
  • Bravo pet foods are made in the USA
  • Premium protein sources are the #1 ingredient
  • Antibiotic free & responsibly sourced meats
  • High quality ingredients provide peace of mind
  • Makes feeding raw simple & convenient!

Check out this interactive chart of fresh ingredients found in Bravo pet foods.


We’re happy to share with you that we’re going to be doing a feeding trial with both Bear and Scooter on Bravo raw foods. We’ll be feeding both Bravo’s Homestyle Completes, and Bravo Blends in Lamb & Duck flavors. Excited to share more details with you in upcoming posts! One of the things we’ve done in preparation of this raw food trial was to get our boys started on a good probiotic. This was a suggested first step that we received when we spoke to Bravo Pet Foods Co-Founder Bette Schubert. I will share more on the probiotic we’ve chosen to use in a separate post!


Where do you stand on the raw food debate? Maybe you’re already feeding raw, or perhaps you’re curious about feeding raw to your dogs?


Bravo Pet Foods co-founders wrote an e-book on raw food diets for dogs that can walk you through the steps of introducing raw to your pups too! You can find Bravo Pet foods on facebook, twitter, and pinterest. 

Join us to #SpreadTheRuv

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Hey Friends! Are you on Instagram? 

If so, we’re inviting you to join us in the #SpreadTheRuv challenge, hosted by Outward Hound to benefit Guide Dogs for the Blind.


The Guide Dogs for the Blind organization is nothing short of incredible, & I have huge admiration for those who work with the organization in any capacity. Founded in 1942, GDB is the largest guide dog school in North America. Services are provided to students from the U.S. and Canada at no cost to them! The dogs, trainers, puppy raisers, students- all of them are heroes in their own way. I’ve mentioned here before how much we’re enjoying watching Wrangler grow up on the Today show & how I’d love to be a puppy raiser at some point.


Image via: Wrangler Today

While I may not be able to be a puppy raiser for the Guide Dogs for the Blind right now, that doesn’t mean I can’t give back in other ways. And you can too! If you’ve got an Instagram account, and an adorable puppy or two- you’re halfway there already! For every qualifying Instagram post, Outward Hound will donate $1 to Guide Dogs for the Blind!

Join SheSpeaksBark in the #SpreadTheRuv Challenge:

1. Follow @outwardhound and @gdb_official on Instagram
2. Use the caption: “We’re entering the @outwardhound #SpreadTheRuv challenge to support Guide Dogs for the Blind. I nominate @________ and @________ to #SpreadTheRuv too!
3. Post your pic and #SpreadTheRuv

It’s as simple as that!

The #SpreadTheRuv Challenge ends on 10/14/2015 Participation is limited to three entries per account & 5 accounts will win an Outward Hound DayPak! See our participation post here!