Sleepypod Clickit Harness {Product Review}

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Do your dogs enjoy going for a car ride? Bear & Scooter love nothing more than to go for a ride in the car. 5 minutes, 5 hours, 5 days in the car- they don’t care- it’s all an adventure in their world! But what about keeping our dogs safe while logging all those miles behind the wheel?


Scooter’s been riding in the car in style for awhile now, in his amazing Sleepypod Mini. I can’t even tell you the peace of mind it provides me, knowing my little bean isn’t just rolling around in the back seat at the mercy of every bump, & turn. My hubby and I joke that it’s his personal ‘roll cage’ that would keep him nice and safe if we were ever in an accident.


Bear on the other hand has been ‘loose’ in the car for all of the 11 years we’ve had him. As we continue to take them more and more places with us, the need for a good seatbelt for him keeps emerging. There are plenty of dog restraint systems out on the market to choose from, but I’d never been convinced that any of them were actually worth the money or that they would work to restrain Bear if we were ever in a car accident. Many of them just looked so cheap and breakable! So instead I did nothing…. Except wait for the geniuses at Sleepypod to come up with a solution to my problem ;)


They did. It’s called the Sleepypod Click It Harness, and it is awesome. If I could only use one word to describe it I’d have to choose QUALITY. So impressive. The Clickit harness is made from ballistic nylon and strength rated hardware & webbing. Me saying that it’s durable is almost an understatement.


As you can see, the chest portion is super padded, for your dogs’ ultimate comfort. This is a harness & car restraint system (seatbelt) in one which is extremely handy for days that we take a trip over to the dog park, or go hiking. Bear can wear the click it harness for all of our regular activities, and then he just has to pop in the car as usual, and the only added step is that we buckle him in. We took some extra time to get the harness fitted right, and the tethers adjusted to the proper length, but after that initial time investment it’s been ready to go.


The Sleepypod Click It harness has three points of attachment to keep your dog super safe while riding in the car. An adjustable side tether (both sides), and the seatbelt provides a third contact point. Bear is able to lay down and sit up when he is tethered into the car safely which makes him a very happy boy!


The Sleepypod Clickit has an advantage over traditional one-point dog safety harnesses because it reduces damaging forces and keeps your dogs upper and lower torso restrained. The harness’ seat belt webbing absorbs the force and promotes even distribution to lessen the chance of injury.


The Clickit harness is available in several sizing options & three different colors. If you don’t see the size for your pet- just know that they’re working diligently behind the scenes to provide both sizes for extra large, and extra small pups so everyone can take advantage of this amazing harness/seatbelt. Very small pets, like Scooter, should be secured in the car in a crash-tested carrier like the sleepypod mini, atom, or air.

The Clickit Utility dog safety harness was named the 2013 Top Performing Pet Safety Harness in a collaborative study (Subaru of America & Center for Pet Safety) to test the effectiveness of pet harnesses marketed with safety claims.

Disclaimer: Sleepypod provided SheSpeaksBark with a Sleepypod Clickit Utility harness to use for this review. SheSpeaksBark was not compensated in any way to write this post. All thoughts and opinions are exclusively my own, and we only share products and services on SheSpeaksBark that we feel are relevant to our readers. As always, thank you for supporting brands that make SheSpeaksBark possible!

Happy Fourth of July

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Wishing all of you a safe & happy Fourth of July!


This is the first time in years that handsome hubby and I won’t be with our boys on the holiday. We’re lucky they aren’t afraid of fireworks, and that they’re in safe hands while we’re out of town.

1 in 3 pets will be lost in their lifetime, and Fourth of July is a high intake day at animal shelters across the nation. Keep your pets indoors, play soothing music, try an anxiety wrap or calming essential oils.

{Black and White Sunday} Safety Squad

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Bear’s officially a member of the safety squad. He’s riding safely in the car now, thanks to his new Sleepypod Clickit harness.


If you’re in the market for a seatbelt for your dog be sure to stay tuned, because we’ll have a full breakdown review on this amazing pup seatbelt for you coming up in the next two weeks.

Enjoying dinner with the Slo Bowl

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Bear has a new interactive feeding bowl that he’s really excited about!

photo 1

It’s called the Slo Bowl- have you heard of it? It’s a great way to slow down your dog during dinner time, and allow him to forage for his food. Simply pour your dogs’ required portion into the slow bowl chambers and let your dog do the rest!

photo 3

Bear thinks it’s so fun to chase his food through the maze- and I agree- I love anything that draws out his dinner time a bit longer. It’s better for his digestion, and fulfills his need to scavenge. Besides, like most of your dogs, Bear lives for food- so why not let him enjoy that experience for just a bit longer right?

photo 4

You can see our full review of the Slo Bowl here.

Indigo Fresh

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I’ve mentioned before how important I feel that brushing our dogs teeth is for their overall health. I’ve also complained about how dang hard it is to brush Scooters minuscule little teeth! I know I’m not the only pet parent feeling that way either. Some of us have dogs who hate having their teeth brushed, some of us can’t remember to brush our dogs’ teeth, and yet others of us just plain don’t like it. So I know I’m not the only one who’s totally on board with a healthy and safe product that helps take the stress out of teeth cleaning for all of us-pups included.


The Indigo Fresh family of products (by Petsafe) offers a triad of easy to use products that can help clean your dogs teeth and freshen his stinky breath to boot! I do make an effort to brush Bear’s teeth weekly, but recently learned I need to step up my game to twice weekly brushing to really make a difference. Even still, with my increased efforts, Bear sometimes has breath that’s bad enough to knock you out! Try riding with your dog in the backseat panting nasty breath all over you for too long, and you’ll be ready to swear off all ‘car rides’ forever!

Here are some interesting facts about Pet Dental Health from Indigo Fresh:

  • 8/10 pets have oral issues by age 3
  • bacteria is generally the cause of bad breath in our pets
  • Less than 1% of dogs get daily teeth brushing
  • Poor oral hygine can lead to serious issues like: heart disease, lung disease, kidney disease, & gingivitis
  • Even senior dogs should not have bad breath!


With the average dental cleaning coming in at $200 a pop (and much more for toy breed owners who require special care while under anesthetic), plus additional costs for any tooth extraction- poor dental health can really add up quickly in a financial aspect, not to mention the negative effects on your pets health.


The Indigo Fresh Family of products provides a three part solution that makes life easy…in fact, it’s as easy as giving your dog a treat!

  1. Indigo Fresh Dental Sticks
  2. Indigo Fresh Floss Bones
  3. Indigo Fresh Dental Sauce

We feed Bear the dental sticks or floss bones like a treat- and they go to work cleaning his teeth and freshening his breath. Both of these chews were too big for Scooter to enjoy, but he loves the sweet potato dental sauce on the side in his bowl with his kibble. He’ll lick it right up! Bear generally feels jealous, so then I have to give him a little drizzle too.


Indigo fresh products contain hexametaphostphate (HMP) which is also found in human toothpastes- HMP reduces plaque and tartar build up by up to 80% (without brushing!) All Indigo Fresh products are happily made in the USA- the only kind of treats we purchase and feed our pets! There are no artificial colors or preservatives either.


I think Indigo Fresh has a leg up on their competition in a few ways. First of all, they have flavor options- you can choose between mint or sweet potato dental paste. While both the dental sticks and floss bones say they are Chicken & Blueberry flavors- they smell very different from each other. I was expecting them to have the same scent since they had the same flavors. Not so! The dental sticks smell minty to me, so I give those to Bear when his breath just reeks. He gets the floss bones after a meal sometimes to combat stinky breath and clean those teeth! I love having choices, and it’s empowering for those who have pets with specific allergies or taste aversions. The Indigo Fresh chews also take Bear a bit of time to work on, with other brushing chews he’s usually able to gobble the entire thing down in moments. I appreciate the extra few minutes of peace and quiet while he’s busy cleaning his teeth!

Where do you and your pups stand on the whole tooth brushing scenario? Do you try but your dogs fight you the whole time? Are you a forgetful pet parent who just doesn’t think to brush their pets teeth? Do you think the Indigo Fresh products could help your pup like they’ve helped mine?

I don’t know about you, but fresh breath and healthy pets are a goal for life. I’m off to freshen my dogs breath now- bag of Indigo Fresh floss bones here we come! :)

Disclaimer: Indigo Fresh provided SheSpeaksBark with a bag/bottle of each of their products to try out for this review. SheSpeaksBark was not compensated in any way to write this post. All thoughts and opinions are exclusively my own, and we only share products and services on SheSpeaksBark that we feel are relevant to our readers. As always, thank you for supporting brands that make SheSpeaksBark possible!


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I’ve got a question for you: If there was a way that you could instantly assess your dog or cats health status right in the comfort of your own home- would you take advantage of that?

If you answered YES, be sure to tune-in: Petnostics is a revolutionary idea, and one that we’re really excited to share with you!

Petnostics is a new technology that works with your smart phone to enable you to instantly get a read on your dog or cats medical status. An at home ‘internal medical check’ if you will. Petnostics is a free app that works with their special urine collection kits to instantly alert you to your pets inner health status.




“Petnostics is dedicated to helping pet owners love their best friend. Through the use of our simple yet powerful products, we allow pet owners to easily check and monitor the health of their furry friend. Petnostics is proudly made in Downtown Los Angeles.”




Here’s how it works:

1. Download the free petnostics app from the app store

2. Order a petnostics collection kit from their website ($9.99)

3. Collect a urine sample from your pet

4. Use your smart phone to analyze the urine sample



Let me just say- that while I’m not overly grossed out by any animal on-goings (former shelter worker, puppy raiser, and vet tech will do that to ya) I was especially touched that Petnostics included a single glove for the pet owner to wear during the collection process- that’s a nice touch!

The collection process was super easy, and the collection cup includes a ‘minimum’ line so you know when you can stop. Jake & I tag teamed things. He held the collection cup lid which has the sensitive test strips in it while I did the collection process, and then he was able to screw the lid onto the cup to ensure it all went smoothly. Then we came inside and started the app to find out what to do next.


The app guides you through an analysis process which includes a 60 second wait time for the strips to process. I learned that it’s very important that you:

1. Wait the full 60 seconds! (The app includes a count down- so this is quite easy-just follow the directions)

2. Use your phone to analyze the strips as soon as the count down is complete- the test strips are specifically designed to have accurate results at the 60 second mark- it’s important you scan at that point to ensure valid results.

Once the analysis is over, your pets results pop up. Let me just say that it was SUPER exciting to get this big HEALTHY check for Bear at the end of it all! Here’s what we got:

photo 1

You can swipe over for more detailed health info:

photo 2

Now Petnostics isn’t in any way trying to replace your veterinarian. They’re providing pet owners with a wonderful tool to keep a very close eye on their pets health right from home. If any concerning results are brought to your attention through the Petnostics app, you’re now at an advantage in catching things early, and being able to take your pet to their attending veterinarian for further diagnosis and treatment.

I absolutely love this product because it’s so empowering for pet owners, and something I definitely plan to order to check our dogs’ health from home. With Bear now being a senior dog, this gives me a lot of peace of mind to be able to keep an eye on things so closely.

Have you heard of Petnostics before? Is this something you’d try with your dog or cat at home?? 

Connect with Petnostics on facebook, twitter, and instagram.

Disclaimer: Petnostics provided SheSpeaksBark with a free collection cup system so we could try out and review this product. SheSpeaksBark was not compensated to write this post. All thoughts and opinions are exclusively my own, and we only share products and services on SheSpeaksBark that we feel are relevant to our readers. As always, thank you for supporting brands that make SheSpeaksBark possible!