{Black & White Sunday} Saber Tooth Tiger

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I’m lucky I have such a tolerant old boy! Friday night, I saw his little antler chew laying around and thought to myself that it looked remarkably like a canine tooth…

Fast forward a few hours, and Bear is now sleeping quite hard, and nearly to the point of snoring. I see the ‘tooth’ again and get an idea…

A saber tooth tiger was born!


We had some fun with our online friends when we shared on IG immediately, & SSB facebook the following morning, but couldn’t resist having this toothy moment recorded on the blog as well.

Bear says RAWR & Happy Sunday! :D

He’s also wondering if you entered our By Nature Mixed Berry Dog treats giveaway yet? (He’s secretly hoping to hoard them all for himself-hurry enter to win!)


As with every Black & White Sunday- We’re linking up to Nola & Sugar’s blog hop. Today we’re including the entire list for you!

Dog Travel Bag Accessories from Sleepypod

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Besides making a wonderful small-dog carrier, the lovely folks at sleepypod also make some great dog travel bag accessories that we’re thrilled to share with you today.

photo 2

As soon as they arrived, I checked everything out and excitedly tucked them into our dog travel bag to await our next excursion.

Not too long after, we took a trip to the coast. I was able to pack Scooters food in the Sleepypod yummy bowls- and Bear’s in his travel-tainer that we’ve had for years. I never realized how badly I needed a better way to transport Scooters food. I love this thing! It’s a

“ three-in-one pet product that allows a pet owner to store, transport, and serve pet food and water simultaneously, without mixing or spillage of the contents.” -from Sleepypod.com


We have the ‘sea breeze‘ color scheme which is beautiful and just our style. I have become sorta a freak about the boys’ bowls recently, tossing everything plastic so we’ve only got ceramic and metal dishes left. No chemical leeching in this house thankyouverymuch. What I love about the yummy bowls is that they’re essentially worry free- made from baby safe, FDA food grade, BPA-free silicone that is freezer, dishwasher, and microwave safe. Amen to that!

We also have the ‘little germs Stay Clean Travel Kit for Dogs which has been really very handy. Including all the items you see below, it’s a great way to cover all your bases when traveling with pets. We stay in hotels often with our dogs when we travel, and this little kit has allowed us to keep the room tidy and housekeeping happy. Ok, this kit + a lint roller- let’s keep it real- I do have a pomeranian after all ;)


Each kit is packaged in a TSA-approved, re-sealable, heavy duty, plastic bag and contains 2 ounce bottles of:

  • All purpose cleaner
  • Urine Odor Control
  • Stain and Odor Remover
  • Organic Dish Liquid
  • Organic Dog Shampoo and Conditioner

To this point, we’ve only really used the dish liquid and the shampoo and conditioner spritz. The other three really provide peace of mind-in case of an accident in the car or hotel room. I like peace of mind, and I like being prepared. The dish spritz was great to keep the boys dishes clean during an extended trip and smelled wonderful. The shampoo and conditioner spritz was a lifesaver after Scooter puked one day and smelled just absolutely awful- ‘little germs’ to the rescue! Also:

“Like Sleepypod’s other products, Little Germs Organics are safe products. Each Little Germs Organics product is free of volatile organic compounds (vocs), hypoallergenic, biodegradable, non-toxic, pH balanced and cruelty-free tested. So in addition to being safe for your family and pets, Little Germs Organics are safe for the environment.” – from sleepypod.com

Do you have a designated dog travel bag for your pups? What do you pack inside? Share your answers and best tips in the comments! 


{Mischievous Monday} Avoid trouble + kong recipe

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Mischievously sweet would be the one-liner of Bear’s life if I had to choose one. One of my favorite ways to keep my mister Bear out of trouble is to give him a kong. I like to stuff a basket full at a time, and freeze them because it keeps him busy for so much longer. This latest kong recipe combines two of Bears favorite things, I’m calling it the “Sardine & Bean Kong”

photo 1

You’ll need:

-kongs, hollow bones, or other stuff-able toys

-kibble and/or broken biscuit pieces (I had a small bag of grain-free kibble from an expo that went into this batch)

-1 tin of sardines

-1 can of green beans (while I didn’t with this batch- I generally use french cut beans-dogs like them better)

-I also added a dash of cinnamon & garlic + a drizzle of honey

Mix it all together- breaking sardines into small bits, and stuff into kongs. Feed immediately or freeze. Freeze any leftovers/extras.

See our other kong recipe ideas here.

photo 2

photo 3

What do you do to keep your dogs occupied if you’re busy? Any other fill & freeze kong fans out there??

{First Aid Essentials} Specific to the Pacific North West

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I dunno about you, but Bear and Scooter are pretty interested in our meat-related leftovers, and that includes fish (and some cooked veggies too)


When we moved to Portland, we were excited about the opportunity to relish in the fresh seafood, in fact, a dinner at a nice seafood dinner was how we spent our first night in town! One thing I didn’t realize until taking the pet first aid course though, is that there’s actually a salmon-related disease that we need to be aware of in our dogs here.

Two fresh salmon steaks

Called Salmon Poisoning, this is a disease that is specific to those of us who live in the Pacific North West (apparently one of the few downsides though!) Raw fish in the PNW can carry an infectious organism that causes illness in pets.


Signs of salmon poisoning include:



*bloody stool

 One thing to be aware of is the fact that this disease is slow to develop, symptoms often showing 5-7 days after ingestion. Your previous weeks’ hike or adventure may be long out of your mind by the time your dog could show symptoms of the bad fish he’s ingested.

To ensure this isn’t an issue if you live in or visit the Pacific North West, simply avoiding feeding your pets raw salmon and don’t allow dogs in the PNW to forage along the creek, river, or lakeside when you’re out adventuring together.


If you believe your dog has ingested raw fish-seek veterinary advice immediately.

Disclaimer: None of this advice is intended to be anything other than helpful guidance. I am not a vet, and you should not be using any information found online in place of taking your pet into a vets office to be seen if they are sick or injured.

This post is part of a series called ‘First Aid Essentials’ that I started after becoming certified in pet first aid and CPR last year.


So far I’ve posted on: Approaching an Injured animalFirst Aid Kits & Emergency Phone #’s, Normal Vital Signs, and Symptoms of Poisoning if you’d like to catch up.

{B/W Sunday} Catch me if you can!

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Scooter is such a flirt!


One of his favorite ways to entice play is to come running up (out of nowhere), play bow, sneeze, growl, and pop around. He’s a ham!

Scooter doesn’t play with toys very often, although he does love a good game of fetch- it takes the right mood. Mostly he’s a snuggler. But when he bows and bounces like this-he wants to be chased! He thinks its sooo funny. 

How do your dogs let you know they’re ready to play?