Fruitables Skinny Minis- Watermelon Dog Treats

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With Bear eating all of his meals out of feeding toys, it’s become important that we also have a lot of little tasty treats laying around to mix in there for interest. Summer is gone, and Fall is in full swing here in Portland, but with the Fruitables Watermelon Flavor Skinny Mini’s- the pups can enjoy the taste of Summer all year long.

We’ve tried some Fruitables treats before. When I was volunteering with PCHS in Kansas, we had bi-weekly adoption events at Petco, so I got my treat browsin’ on something fierce in those days. During one volunteer stint I picked up the pumpkin and blueberry flavored Crunchy Fruitables biscuits from Petco and both were enjoyed by the dogs.

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Fruitables has been up to a lot since we last checked them out though! They’ve got Soft & Chewy, Jerky, & even Greek Yogurt Crunchers treats now- and they all look like flavor options my dogs would enjoy. I like the Fruitables treats because they’re all natural, with organic ingredients, and don’t contain anything artificial. It’s a brand I can trust, and they’re all made in the USA.

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Fruitables have created a line of dog treats that work well for pet parents like me. With two differently sized dogs, who have two very different ideas about what tastes they prefer, it can be hard to cater to both of them. I can buy several packs of the Fruitables brand treats and satisfy both boys’ needs and wants at once.

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The Fruitables treats are created using Calorie Smart concepts. They use fruits and veggies to balance the palatability, keep the calories low, and add variety to the treats. The Fruitables treats have been proven to reduce hunger in between meals according to university studies. They must have had Bear in mind when they created these- because low calorie treats that keep him full in between meals are just the way to his heart! We’re constantly battling his weight, and hes always hungry, so little tricks to satiate his constant hunger are greatly appreciated in our house.


When I agreed to review the Fruitables Skinny Mini’s Watermelon flavored treats, I had already mentally signed Scooter off from participation. You know, his picky tendencies and all. I figured Bear would enjoy them a lot, and we’d feel great feeding them to him knowing they were just 2 1/2 calories each.

photo 3

Scooter surprised me once again, and absolutely ADORES the watermelon Fruitables. Go figure ;) In fact, he loves them so much, he’s including them in his Top 4 Favorite Treats Ever- photo above. That’s a pretty big deal around here! Both Bear and Scooter love yogurt, so these Greek Yogurt treats will most certainly be on their Christmas Wish Lists this year :)

It’s also very important to note that the Fruitables Watermelon Skinny Mini’s coerced this insanely adorable and intense face out of my old boy- my favorite photo in all our 11 years together! <3


Clicker Training with a Box

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The first time we posted for the Positive Pet Training Blog Hop, I shared with you my goals of working with Scooter on clicker training. Things have gone very well! He’s so smart, and took to the clicker immediately. The hardest part of working with him is finding the right treat that will keep him motivated.


Scooters favorite trick that he’s learned since we’ve begun clicker training is ‘touch‘ and he’s progressed with it far enough that he can touch and target a very small item now. We started with HUGE things, like some of Bears big toys, or a pillow, and have since refined his skills quite quickly. He always feels so proud of himself and the clicker seems to motivate him to work harder.


This month’s theme for the blog hop was ‘101 Things to Do with a Box‘. Of course, Karen Prior has a training guide entitled just that which is a fun launching point if you’re in need of ideas where to start.

So what are Scooter’s favorite things to do with a box??

box1 Pose inside of them!


And perch atop them, like King of the Castle!

He can’t jump in and out of most boxes due to his leg issues, but we find plenty of fun ways to train with a simple box none the less.

Have you and your pup been training together recently? What are you working on? 


National Walk Your Dog Week

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Did you know that the first week of every October is dedicated as National Walk Your Dog Week?


National Walk Your Dog Week was founded in 2010 by Pet Lifestyle Expert & Animal Behaviorist Colleen Paige. She wanted to bring awareness to the increasing problem of canine obesity, and behavioral issues that stem from lack of exercise and mental stimulation. Walk Your Dog Week aims to educate and improve the health and well being of the dogs in America. A worthy goal, no? 


Bear, Scooter, and I are committed to taking (at least) one daily walk together this week to explore our new neighborhood. Today we took a mid day walk and it was a nice break for all three of us. We often like to take evening walks with their poppa and spend the time ‘catching up’ as a family.

How often do you and your dog go for walks together? Is it a daily outing that’s to be expected for you? 

Busy Little Bee

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We’re perhaps a touch early on this, but Scooter’s got a potential Halloween costume idea!


He received this adorable custom bee sweater to review as part of our work with PetParent. It’s so cute and comfy for him that it will definitely be part of the consideration this year! Isn’t he an adorable little busy-bee?


The package came to us from Bulgaria, and it was fun for us to receive an international package- Scooter posed with the envelope ;) See our full thoughts on the custom bee sweater here.


Do you dress your pets up for Halloween or any other occasion?

Sun Protection for Dogs

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With all the hiking and adventuring we do with our dogs, it’s crossed my mind more than once that they should have some sort of protection from the sun for their noses. As my husband and I apply our own sunscreen, we’ve wondered what we could really do to protect the dogs. I knew human sunscreen wasn’t the answer, because some of the ingredients are toxic for pets. I’d never heard of a pet safe SPF on the market. Until recently.










My Dog Nose It is a non-toxic, gentle balm that protects your dogs nose from the harsh rays of the sun. It is water resistant and can be used before your dog goes swimming or adventuring. Protecting your dog from the sun is important, they can get skin cancers too!










See our full My Dog Nose It review here on PetParent.

Keeping Dogs Cool During a Summer Hike

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As I’ve mentioned, hiking with our dogs is one of our favorite activities. Even at 12 years old, Bear is an excellent hiking companion. He tires more quickly now, and sleeps like a log afterward, but still holds the same exuberance for getting out and exploring with us that he always has. We’re continually impressed with his excellent balance and agility!


As he’s aged though, he’s started to struggle more during the hotter days. We quickly realized how important it was to be sure we were keeping our dogs cool during a summer hike  So we’ve come up with a solution that’s been working out well to keep him out of trouble on a hike. He loves wearing his green dog pack, it gives him a sense of purpose. We simply stick a few ice packs in each side and let him wear it. It’s his very own cooling jacket- and he loves it!


Still doesn’t stop him from needing to take a splash in most every body of water we find. And show his gomer face to the world ;)


Happy Happy Hiker ^


Do you and your dogs enjoy hiking together? Do you take any precautions against the heat? 

5 Tips for Going to the Beach with Dogs

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How many of you have had the opportunity to visit the beach with your dogs? 


We never had until we moved to Oregon. Since relocating here, we’ve visited the coast several times, always with the dogs in tow. Oregon is known for it’s many dog friendly beaches, many of which are also off-leash-something our boys love! We’ve learned a lot with just a few trips under our belts, so today I’m sharing my tips for going to the beach with dogs!

1. Pack right: Make sure you have leashes, pick up bags, a few treats, and your dogs favorite toy at all times.

2. Give your pet time to adjust: Especially on a first visit, the beach and all that entails (wind, water, blowing sand, so many new smells, strangers everywhere, etc.) can be a bit overwhelming. Stick to the outskirts and let your pup relax and take it all in before moving on. The few minutes of patience will really pay off in the long run.



 3. Be prepared for a little extra clean up: I’ll be honest, I live with a pomeranian, so I’m almost always prepared for a little extra clean up! We try to keep a few extra towels and our soggy doggy towel in the car to make for an easy clean up after we’ve had our fill of sun & sand.


4. Keep them leashed when appropriate: The Oregon coast varies between sand and rocky coast lines. When we’re on a sandy beach, we’re much more free with the dogs being off leash than we are on the rocky coastline. It’s so much easier to slip, get stuck in a tide pool, and just has a lot more hazards in general.


5. Bring your own water: Just as it’s not good for us, drinking sea water isn’t good for your dog either. He runs the risk of vomiting, diarrhea, and dehydrating if he consumes too much sea water, so pack your own, and offer it often and freely to your pup. We have two dog friendly water bottles and a collapsible water bowl that we always travel with. For long trips, we buy a gallon of water to keep in the car to have on hand for the boys- we’d rather have extra than not enough!


We practices these 5 simple steps each time we take our boys to the beach and we’ve always had a great time!

If your dogs’ been to a beach before- did they enjoy themselves? If they’ve never been- do you think the beach experience is one your pup would enjoy? 

These photos were taken at Rockaway Beach, OR (sandy beach photos) & Yachats, OR (rocky coastline photos)