Benefits of Switching to Raw Food

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We’ve been feeding our dogs a raw food diet for the last 4 months with great results. Our dogs have enjoyed eating two types of Bravo Pet Foods Raw Dog Food: Bravo Blends (Frozen Raw- thaw, measure, feed) & Homestyle Completes (Freeze Dried Raw- measure, rehydrate, feed)


A raw food diet for dogs has been designed to replicate the diet of their ancestors. When wolves hunt, they eat the entire animal, and this is exactly what a raw food diet entails: meat, bones, organs. Raw food diets for dogs can take many forms: from feeding all of these aforementioned parts individually, to having them served in a ‘ground’ form in which the organs & bones have been ground into the meat- and often mixed with veggies, vitamins & minerals too.


Benefits of Switching to Raw Food:

  • improved digestion
  • better skin & coat health
  • better oral health/breath
  • improved vigor/energy
  • immune system support
  • healthier body mass
  • decreased stool


Now naturally, when it comes to feeding your pet raw food, you’ve got to practice food safety. It’s no different than the food safety practices you employ when cooking meat for yourself in your home, so happily, it’s a skill you probably already possess.

BravoBlends-Lamb_Bag_Chub_cmykMany pet parents don’t like the idea of their dog eating raw food, or don’t want to store/serve raw food. That’s why freeze-dried raw food was invented, and it’s a lifesaver! Simply add water to re-hydrate, and serve. I personally enjoy feeding the freeze dried raw for the convenience, and also the fact that I can see all the chunks of meat, veggies, and fruits that the pups are enjoying.


Where are you on the raw food journey? Are you in the research phase, testing phase, or full on raw feeding? Have your pets ever tried Bravo Pet Foods? 


Snow Day!

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Turns out the pups careful planning wasn’t needed after all….because over the weekend, it snowed in Portland! This isn’t something we get on a yearly basis, so understandably we were excited!


We treated Sunday like a ‘Snow Day’- first taking time to play in the snow, next having hot cocoa, and finally by snuggling in to watch a movie together.


How was your weekend?? Wishing you a great Monday & a wonderful week!

Pretty Pink Sleepypod

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We’re a Sleepypod family through and through, having a full love & appreciation for all that they do. I have shared my adoration in using the Sleepypod with Scooter for years now on this blog. I love the attention to detail, materials, and high-design. They’re amazing because they are a pet bed, a pet carrier, and a crash test rated pet car seat all in one. The Sleepypod Mobile Pet bed in ‘blossom pink’ is the perfect way to embrace Zooey’s girly side, which I have fully been enjoying.

blossom pink sleepypod

We utilize the versatility of the Sleepypods all the time! Typically, the Sleepypods are in our living room somewhere, with the cloudpuff blankies inside, serving their purpose as the poms favorite dog beds. When we’re ready to head out for an adventure in the car though, we can zip the mesh domes on top, and carry the pups straight to the car- I love that convenience! We also use the Sleepypods as carriers when we take the pups for a checkup at the vet, or elsewhere that they may need to remain contained.

poms in sleepypod

Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed was the first of many crash-tested safety products designed by Sleepypod. Check out Sleepypod’s crash test videos along with more information on the Sleepypod Safety Test Program, including the PRS Handilock technology which was was designed to augment Sleepypod mobile pet bed car safety. Older Sleepypods like Scooters will need to be outfitted with the PRS Handilock, while new Sleepypods like Zooey’s already come equipped with this technology.

sleepypod pprs

The matching pink Yummy Travel Bowl is the perfect companion to the Pink Sleepypod so Zooey can enjoy the occasional snack or drink on the go. We love these food grade silicone bowls- they nest into each other, and are microwave, dishwasher & freezer safe. Yummy Travel Bowls allows a pet owner to store, transport, and serve pet food and water simultaneously, without mixing or spilling its contents. Travel Tip: Before your next road trip, freeze water in the bottom bowl of the YummyBowl set, it will provide your pup constant hydration as it slowly melts.

sleepypod yummy bowl

Do your pups ride in Sleepypod Mobile Pet Beds or wear the Sleepypod Clickit Sport harness for their safety during car rides? 

Freeze Tags

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A few weeks ago, I mentioned we’d finally found an ideal solution to the ever-jingling dog tag problem that many of us pet parents experience. I was happy to see that many of you responded excitedly in the comments, anxious to know what we’d discovered. In summary: Freeze Tags!

Freeze Tag Bear paw

They’re called Freeze Tag Pet Tag Holders, and not only do they work incredibly well; they’re also easy to implement. You simply have to get your dogs tags secured onto the freeze tag loop before attaching to your pups collar. They are indestructible, waterproof, and stinkproof- perfectly designed for the rough n tough life of dogs!

Freeze Tag How To

Here’s a short video that demonstrates exactly how the Freeze Tag works:

The Freeze Tags arrived to us at the perfect time, during a change in the seasons. We were switching out our Spring/Summer gear for our warmer and waterproof gear that we wear while walking in the Fall & Winter  months. This includes collars and leashes, so it was a seamless transition.

Freeze Tags Hanging

We chose pink & blue, but happily the Freeze Tags are available in several different colors: Graphite, Pink, Fresh Green, Sky Blue, and Red. All in all, we love the product and think it’s a great value for the money. It’s certainly brought us a lot of peace & quiet in the last few weeks, and for that we are thankful!

freeze tag Bear Zooey

So now I’d love to know- do your pets jingling tags bother you? Do you think that the Freeze Tags are a workable solution for your family?

Disclaimer: SheSpeaksBark was provided with the Freeze Tags for the purpose of this review. I was not compensated in any way to write this post, all thoughts and opinions are exclusively my own, and we only share products and services on SheSpeaksBark that we feel are relevant to our readers. As always, thank you for supporting brands that make SheSpeaksBark possible!