{Mischievous Monday} Avoid trouble + kong recipe

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Mischievously sweet would be the one-liner of Bear’s life if I had to choose one. One of my favorite ways to keep my mister Bear out of trouble is to give him a kong. I like to stuff a basket full at a time, and freeze them because it keeps him busy for so much longer. This latest kong recipe combines two of Bears favorite things, I’m calling it the “Sardine & Bean Kong”

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You’ll need:

-kongs, hollow bones, or other stuff-able toys

-kibble and/or broken biscuit pieces (I had a small bag of grain-free kibble from an expo that went into this batch)

-1 tin of sardines

-1 can of green beans (while I didn’t with this batch- I generally use french cut beans-dogs like them better)

-I also added a dash of cinnamon & garlic + a drizzle of honey

Mix it all together- breaking sardines into small bits, and stuff into kongs. Feed immediately or freeze. Freeze any leftovers/extras.

See our other kong recipe ideas here.

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What do you do to keep your dogs occupied if you’re busy? Any other fill & freeze kong fans out there??

{First Aid Essentials} First Aid Kit + Emergency #’s

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We’ve already discussed the tips and tricks to approaching an injured animal, and today it’s time to shift gears and give you a bit of important information that you might want to act on today.


Pet poisonings happen. Often accidentally, and they’re terribly traumatic. When a pet has been poisoned, often treatment must be received immediately in order to save the life of the animal. Having these pet poison hotline #’s somewhere accessible truly could save your pet, or a friends, in an emergency.

Pet Poison Hotline #’s:

ASPCA Poison Control 1-888-426-4435

Pet Poison Helpline 1-800-213-6680

Animal Poison Hotline 1-888-232-8870

Perhaps you want to print those out? Or better yet- save them in your cell phone like I did. Call it the former insurance agent in me, but I truly do love feeling prepared! ;)

Keeping a dedicated pet first aid kit is another great way to be prepared, and stay one step ahead of the game. We’ve got our own tips and tricks for creating a Disaster Kit for your pet, and Pretty Fluffy’s guest post on her First Aid Kit was a huge hit on SheSpeaksBark.


A few basic first aid items that are great to keep on hand include:

* Tweezers

*Muzzle/Nylon leash


*Saline Solution

*Roll of gauze or gauze sponges

*Adhesive tape

*Antibiotic ointment

*Latex gloves

*Large towel


photo 2

Considering my current part time job entails caring for lots of dogs and the occasional cat, I have at least half of that list rolling around in my car at any given time. Along with 3 pairs of shoes, 7 random socks, scratch paper galore, 12 ballpoint pens, 2 coffee cups, 4 pairs of gloves, and at least a pound of dog hair… ;) Needless to say, I’d do well to round it all up and slap it into a container for easy access, since sifting through all the ‘extras’ would really slow down my ability to find anything useful.

photo 1

Put that on my 2014 Goals List ;)

Psst- If making your own first aid kit just isn’t your thing….our friends at Amazon have totally got you covered with a light, medium, and extreme version all ready to go.

Positive Pet Training at the Dog Park

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Bear and Scooter are ALL about positive pet training. ‘Cause positive= treats & happy voices right?


The dog park we tend to frequent is nice, but quite small. Meaning on a busy day, when it’s hoppin’, it can become hard for Bear to handle. He drug me through the dog park one day going after a group of dogs while he was in a bit of a ‘time out’ to calm down and was banned (by me) for going for awhile after that. Until I saw this and decided to give him a second chance:


I knew I needed to re-frame his (and my!) experience at the dog park so we’d both have a good experience. To set him up for success. We started going for short stints on weekday mornings when it was much less busy. Several good experiences on a weekday and we were ready to try out a weekend again.

photo 2

I was armed with my favorite leather leash, and did have to round Bear up just once on our last visit when his herding instincts came on a little to strong and he got really pushy with another dog. Two minutes on leash next to me and he was ready to go again-much more calmly this time. And the best part about it is that after several minutes of running he’s rather too tired to bother anyone much anyways. You cannot carry treats into the dog park without instantly being harassed by every furry body in the place- so I instead used praise and happy voices with Bear to encourage him when he was doing something I was pleased with.

crazysign (2)

Thank god for senior dogs :D All he did the rest of the day after our dog park visit was sleep and snore!

{B/W Sunday} Hiking by flashlight

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For MLK Day 2014, we woke up before the sun and drove 40 miles outside of town for a hike I’d read about on facebook. We were hiking at Bridal Veil Falls off 84 for any locals wondering. It was a great time!


The trail we chose was 5 miles up and back, and had a total elevation climb of 1800 feet. It was dark when we started out, so this was officially our first hike by flashlight :)


As usual, the boys did great.  Bear continues to amaze us with his stamina and ability to really climb and keep up with us despite his senior status. Scooter did hitch a ride with Jake and I quite frequently, but did his fair share of hiking as well- and we only carried him to give those little legs a rest. It was an uber windy day, and we felt like the top was actually quite dangerous that day so we stayed long enough for a single photo before beginning our descent.

photo 1

Be Pawsitive Box {Review & GIVEAWAY}

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Today’s product review {and giveaway} is another fun one! It seems that subscription boxes are all the rage these days, and this one would make a great gift for someone who’s just adopted a dog, or to celebrate a dogs birthday or Christmas for those of us who are into that sort of thing :) Which is everyone reading this blog, right?? ;)

The Be Pawsitive boxes are truly great! Be Pawsitive provides the highest quality all natural, USDA certified organic dog treats right to your door. These are boxes that give back! For each treat box purchased/gifted, Be Pawsitive donates a box of treats to shelter dogs- how cool is that?!

photo 1

I’m not sure that they all do, but our box included an adorable Crunchkins brand rawhide card which we mailed right off to our best buddy Stella, sending lots of love from Oregon. We also received a small tester of Dog Paws Lotion bar to hydrate and maintain the pups’ paw pads.

photo 2

Be Pawsitive works in one of two ways: You can purchase treats directly by choosing your dogs favorite flavors, or you can sign up for the monthly box which is more of a ‘surprise’ type scenario- something we really love! Regardless of which box you choose, the treats are all made in the US, with organic ingredients, and are also wheat, corn, and soy free. It’s really nice to purchase treats you can feel good about in the midst of all these crazy scary recalls going on lately!

photo 4

The bone shaped biscuits that came in our Be Pawsitive box are like by both boys (super surprised on Scooters account!) and we’ve found they’re the perfect size to stuff inside our kongs which makes them a win-win in our household :)

photo 5

Be Pawsitive can be found on facebook, twitter, instagram, google+, & they’ve also got a blog.

Aaand since today’s my birthday- I’m super extra happy to be able to giveaway a Be Pawsitive box to one lucky reader! If you’d like to enter, please see the contest rules below. If you’d prefer to just place an order with Be Pawsitive for the lucky pooches in your life, be sure to use coupon code SSB2013 to receive $2 off your first box :)


Giveaway details:

THE PRIZE: One (1) Be Pawsitive treat box

TO ENTER: Visit BePawsitive and browse their dot treat flavors, then leave a comment on this post  (not the facebook page) and tell me why you’d like to win. PLEASE leave your email address so I have a way of contacting you when you win. Feel free to use this format: shespeaksbark{at}yahoo DOT com if you’re worried about pesky spam bots.

GIVEAWAY RUNS: Saturday November 2nd-Saturday November 16th at 8PM central time


PRIZE SHIPS: United States only (apologies to my international readers!)

RULES: Winner will be randomly selected using a random number generator (random.org) and will be announced in a blog post as well as on our facebook wall. No purchase necessary. For more information on our giveaways see our disclosure policy. 

SheSpeaksBark Sweatshirt {Review}

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I’m gonna be honest here…having ‘SheSpeaksBark’ apparel wasn’t something I ever envisioned or imagined when I started this blog. Yet here we are. And I love it.


I’d never had any sort of desire to wear my brand on my shirt before, but when Leslie asked if I’d review an Allied Apparel sweatshirt, I realized it would probably be a pretty neat way to start a conversation with folks about my blog. I was in the process of getting my logo re-designed at the time, so I held off on ordering my sweatshirt until that was finished. It was hard to wait- but I’m so glad I did!

photo 2

photo 3

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I ordered my sweatshirt in white to ensure all of my colors on my logo would ring true and not clash with any other sweatshirt color I may have chosen. Their online system is super easy to use, and has a lot of features I honestly wasn’t expecting: you can easily add your own graphic and use the toggle arrows to position it where you feel it looks best.


I added the barking dog logo onto the backside for a bit more visual interest. It ended up being positioned nicely so the hood doesn’t cover up too much of the design. If you don’t have artwork of your own- they’ve got a good selection of clip art to choose from.


All in all, I’ve loved this sweatshirt. It’s soft on the inside and very comfy. They have a very standard sizing. I ordered a medium and it fit just as I’d expect it to. If you’ve got your own blog or business or ever come up with a cute saying or cool design I think you’d love the ordering and wearing experience that you’ll get if you go through Allied Apparel. 

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For anyone  interested in placing a t-shirt or sweatshirt order of your own, we’re able to offer SheSpeaksBark readers a 30% discount + free shipping when you go here and enter code: BLOG30OFF4U  You can also find Allied Apparel on facebook and twitter.