Vitamins For Fido? Milk-Bone Study Shows Dog-Loving Families are more Fit & Healthy

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We were approached by Milk-Bone recently to see if we’d like to check out their Doggy Health & Wellness Kit, which couldn’t have been better timing, as Zoie had just come into our lives, and was in need of some weight loss and improved wellness. You might remember that Zoie’s vet has suggested she loose 3 pounds, as well as to work on her overall oral health.


According to “Milk-Bone Human-Canine Health Study” — a survey of 3,000 U.S. dog parents conducted by Milk-Bone brand dog treats (in conjunction a partnership with Learndipity Data Insights) — humans and dogs positively impact the health of one another, from morning routines to physical fitness. In fact, 55% of dog parents say their lives are “full of happiness and joy,” compared to 39% of non-dog parents. For sure my dogs make my life much more full of happiness and joy! 


Zoie’s veterinarian’s suggestion of 3 lbs of weight loss has really given us a goal- its a lot for such a little girl! We’ve been doing daily walks, keeping her on a diet, and including lots of physical and mental stimulation in her life. Zoie’s vet also mentioned she needed to work on her teeth, which have quite a tartar build-up- a condition that is sadly very common in Pomeranians. The MilkBone Brushing chews have been a perfect way to Zoie to work on cleaning her teeth herself, as she and I continue to work on brushing her teeth traditionally as well.

The Doggy Health & Wellness kit included some great products to get us started with Zoie- Milk-Bone Brushing Chews, and Milk-Bone Good Morning Treats. Zoie has been enjoying one of the Good Morning Healthy Joints treats after she comes in from her morning potty break- & I believe the vitamins and nutrients found within will help her knee issue- which is mild case of luxating patella. Needless to say, since fostering Zoie, we’ve been thinking a lot about ways to keep our entire family fit & healthy while spending time together!


Here are three of the ways:

*DOGGY EXERCISE: 51% of dog parents say they get more exercise because of their dog — but still, 1 out of 3 pet parents wish their dog would get more physical activity. I can honestly say that our dogs, and the fact that we are a part of an online walking group (let me know if you’d like to join!), are basically the only reason I get out and about some days!


*PUPPY NUTRIENTS: 1 out of 3 pet parents are concerned that their dog isn’t getting enough of the nutrients they need. The pet food market is more confusing than ever, which is why I’m a firm believer in supplementation.


*PETTING SESSION CHECK-UPS: Pet parents conduct “well puppy” check-ups, as they would with their child. If a dog is rubbing his eyes, or has oily spots or bumps in his fur, something could be wrong. Being a pet parent to Pomeranians, a daily petting session check up is required to be sure there is nothing stuck in their fur, painful tangles, or more.


Do you give your dogs any vitamins or supplements? Have they been lucky enough to taste test any of these new releases from Milk-Bone?

Disclaimer: SheSpeaksBark was provided with the Milk-Bone Doggie Wellness Kit for the purpose of this review. SheSpeaksBark was not compensated in any way to write this post. All thoughts and opinions are exclusively my own, and we only share products and services on SheSpeaksBark that we feel are relevant to our readers. As always, thank you for supporting brands that make SheSpeaksBark possible! 

Biking With Dogs Series

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We gave you a sneak peek last week during our Wordless Wednesday post, and several of you left comments on the blog or facebook with correct guesses about our new upcoming series- Biking With Dogs.


Many of you are aware we live in Portland, Oregon- arguably the biking capital of the USA. My husband is a bike commuter, and we often bike around on the weekends as both transportation, and simply for enjoyment. Since moving to Portland, biking has become a huge part of our lives and now we are so excited to be able to go out biking with dogs! Formerly, both the boys would pout when they’d see us pull out our bikes, knowing they wouldn’t be included in the adventures. But now when we grab our bikes, we are greeted with barks & howls of celebration!


There are several ways for a PetParent to include their dogs with them during a bike outing; some of these methods involve the pet parents hauling the dogs, while other entail the dogs running alongside the bike- typically attached by leash in some fashion to the bike frame. We will be highlighting two different products that we have started to use, both of which require us to put in the physical work while the dogs enjoy the ride. At thirteen years old, Bear isn’t going to be keeping up with us on a bike- and he totally deserves to sit back and take in the view.

Biking With Dogs Product Spotlight:

Sleepypod Sidekick- for use with the Sleepypod Air 

Solvit HoundAbout II Trailer


So now I’m curious- do you personally enjoy biking? Have you ever taken your dog out biking with you? If you have any questions about biking with dogs, we’d love to try address them in our upcoming posts- so please leave them in the comments!

Keepin’ Cool with Cool Pet Pad

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As I’ve already shared with you this Summer, Bear is just one of those dogs who is always hot. We  don’t have air conditioning in our home, so naturally we have several tricks that we use to keep him cool and hydrated in the summer months. Needless to say,  I’m always on the lookout for new technology that could lend a cooling paw as well.


The Cool Pet Pad by The Green Pet Shop is a revolutionary self-cooling cushion for your pet. It provides a constant cooling spot for your pet to lay, and relieves aching joints/bones. The great part is that the Cool Pet Pad doesn’t need water, electricity or refrigeration in order to cool your pup which makes it an extremely eco-friendly option for continued use. The cooling pad recharges automatically as well and is perfect for traveling in the car or for use in your pets crate.


Bear was sent a medium sized Cool Pet Pad to review and our only complaint is that it’s not a bit bigger. Bear can’t sprawl out on this pad, but it does work for his chest area which is where it is most important.We’re of the mindset that having a bigger mat would be better than having one that is too small, as it would work more effectively to cool him down more quickly. The medium sized pad is surprisingly perfectly sized for Scooter to lay on- which he really enjoys doing in the car.


For Bear, we place the cooling pet mat centered on his dog bed in front of the fan and he’ll happily lay there for hours on end. The cooling effect of the mat lasts for about 3 hours, and then recharges on its own after 15 minutes of non-use. The only rule for use with this cooling pet mat is that you can’t leave it in direct sunlight, or a heated environment (like your locked car sitting in the sun) or this will affect the performance of the cooling pet mat. We love that the mat folds up as we take it with us when we travel, and it’s easy to wipe down with a damp cloth.


Is a cooling pet mat something you think your dog would enjoy? We’re wondering when they’re coming out with the human version so the whole family can hang out on cooling mats together 😉

Disclaimer: SheSpeaksBark was provided with the Cooling Pet Mat for the purpose of this review. SheSpeaksBark was not compensated in any way to write this post. All thoughts and opinions are exclusively my own, and we only share products and services on SheSpeaksBark that we feel are relevant to our readers. As always, thank you for supporting brands that make SheSpeaksBark possible! 

Beating the Winter Blues with Best Bully Sticks!

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This winter, we’re using Best Bully Sticks as one technique to help the dogs beat the Wintertime blues. With less time spent outdoors, and more time cooped up inside, we often have to get creative in the ways we mentally engage with our dogs.


Best Bully Sticks are the #1 selling natural bully sticks on the market, we were excited to have the boys try them!

Natural Odor-free Bully Sticks

Best Bully Sticks are:

  • 100% natural
  • fully digestible
  • each bully stick, or chew has just 1 ingredient
  • a variety of choices appeal to pets of all ages & sizes
  • chewing natural chews promotes good dental hygiene
  • chemical, antibiotic, and hormone free


The dogs always know when a package is for them, and around here, nearly all of them are! Still, Bear was really really excited when we opened the box to reveal a Beefy Bliss Grab Bag from Best Bully Sticks.


Scooter also couldn’t believe his luck! He was officially in possession of more chew treats than he knows what to do with! Each bag of Best Bully Sticks is slightly different, but they average out to 4.5lbs- the same weight as Scooter. After that, it took some convincing for me to remind him that this was their bag of treats….


So after sharing negotiations were settled, I opened the bag and let Bear take his choice. He was nervous to pull straight from the bag, like it was just too good to be true, and plucked the first item off top and ran away to a corner of the rug to dig in.



Scooter had a hard time deciding on just which beef chew he wanted…first he had to check out what Bear was eating….


then rifle through the bag of Best Bully Sticks a bit more…


Before he finally found the right one! He took Bear’s suggestion and went for the same knotted beef chew as his big brother.


The Beefy Bliss Grab bag has been the perfect way for our pups to try a huge assortment of different beef chews. Beefy chews range in sizes that are suitable for medium and large dogs so we typically have to help Scooter out by finding the smaller ones. All of the bully sticks and other chews found in the Beefy Bliss Grab bag are naturally high in protein which makes me feel great about feeding them to the boys.


Beefy Bliss Grab Bag includes a combination of these beefy chews:

  • Jumbo Cow Ears
  • Beef Strap
  • Jumbo Beef Strap
  • Mini Bully Stick Knotted Bone
  • Thin Bully Stick Knotted Bone
  • 4″ Bully Stick Lollipop
  • 7″ Bully Stick Lollipop
  • Bully Bone
  • Super Toothpick Tail
  • Cow Hooves

The chews are 100% natural and fully digestible for your pet (unlike some chew products found on the market). They are all sourced from free-ranging Brazilian cattle. It is recommended to store the chews in the freezer because they don’t contain any preservatives- your dog will love them frozen too- an increased challenge!

Disclaimer: SheSpeaksBark was provided with the Best Bully Sticks beef chews for the purpose of this review. SheSpeaksBark was not compensated in any way to write this post. All thoughts and opinions are exclusively my own, and we only share products and services on SheSpeaksBark that we feel are relevant to our readers. As always, thank you for supporting brands that make SheSpeaksBark possible! 

National Walk Your Dog Week

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Did you know that the first week of every October is dedicated as National Walk Your Dog Week?


National Walk Your Dog Week was founded in 2010 by Pet Lifestyle Expert & Animal Behaviorist Colleen Paige. She wanted to bring awareness to the increasing problem of canine obesity, and behavioral issues that stem from lack of exercise and mental stimulation. Walk Your Dog Week aims to educate and improve the health and well being of the dogs in America. A worthy goal, no? 


Bear, Scooter, and I are committed to taking (at least) one daily walk together this week to explore our new neighborhood. Today we took a mid day walk and it was a nice break for all three of us. We often like to take evening walks with their poppa and spend the time ‘catching up’ as a family.

How often do you and your dog go for walks together? Is it a daily outing that’s to be expected for you? 

5 Tips for Going to the Beach with Dogs

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How many of you have had the opportunity to visit the beach with your dogs? 


We never had until we moved to Oregon. Since relocating here, we’ve visited the coast several times, always with the dogs in tow. Oregon is known for it’s many dog friendly beaches, many of which are also off-leash-something our boys love! We’ve learned a lot with just a few trips under our belts, so today I’m sharing my tips for going to the beach with dogs!

1. Pack right: Make sure you have leashes, pick up bags, a few treats, and your dogs favorite toy at all times.

2. Give your pet time to adjust: Especially on a first visit, the beach and all that entails (wind, water, blowing sand, so many new smells, strangers everywhere, etc.) can be a bit overwhelming. Stick to the outskirts and let your pup relax and take it all in before moving on. The few minutes of patience will really pay off in the long run.



 3. Be prepared for a little extra clean up: I’ll be honest, I live with a pomeranian, so I’m almost always prepared for a little extra clean up! We try to keep a few extra towels and our soggy doggy towel in the car to make for an easy clean up after we’ve had our fill of sun & sand.


4. Keep them leashed when appropriate: The Oregon coast varies between sand and rocky coast lines. When we’re on a sandy beach, we’re much more free with the dogs being off leash than we are on the rocky coastline. It’s so much easier to slip, get stuck in a tide pool, and just has a lot more hazards in general.


5. Bring your own water: Just as it’s not good for us, drinking sea water isn’t good for your dog either. He runs the risk of vomiting, diarrhea, and dehydrating if he consumes too much sea water, so pack your own, and offer it often and freely to your pup. We have two dog friendly water bottles and a collapsible water bowl that we always travel with. For long trips, we buy a gallon of water to keep in the car to have on hand for the boys- we’d rather have extra than not enough!


We practices these 5 simple steps each time we take our boys to the beach and we’ve always had a great time!

If your dogs’ been to a beach before- did they enjoy themselves? If they’ve never been- do you think the beach experience is one your pup would enjoy? 

These photos were taken at Rockaway Beach, OR (sandy beach photos) & Yachats, OR (rocky coastline photos)