{Black & White Sunday} Saber Tooth Tiger

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I’m lucky I have such a tolerant old boy! Friday night, I saw his little antler chew laying around and thought to myself that it looked remarkably like a canine tooth…

Fast forward a few hours, and Bear is now sleeping quite hard, and nearly to the point of snoring. I see the ‘tooth’ again and get an idea…

A saber tooth tiger was born!


We had some fun with our online friends when we shared on IG immediately, & SSB facebook the following morning, but couldn’t resist having this toothy moment recorded on the blog as well.

Bear says RAWR & Happy Sunday! :D

He’s also wondering if you entered our By Nature Mixed Berry Dog treats giveaway yet? (He’s secretly hoping to hoard them all for himself-hurry enter to win!)


As with every Black & White Sunday- We’re linking up to Nola & Sugar’s blog hop. Today we’re including the entire list for you!