{Black and White Sunday} Big Drinker

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Scooter may be little, but he can sure drink a lot of water if we’re outside and it’s warm out! We’ve been using this Dog Is Good dog water bottle lately, and absolutely love it!


The top comes off for easy cleaning, and can be flipped upside down to create a bowl as you see in our photo. The bottle also has a ball bearing system that is similar to a hamsters waterer for the bigger dogs to drink from. You can see our full review of this dog water bottle here.

{Black and White Sunday} Portie Pups

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I went on a puppy playdate a few weekends back- 7 week old Portuguese Water Dog puppies. Yep, pure heaven :D

Here’s a b/w of one of my favorite photos! Since he was black and white ALREADY this is a double black and white Sunday. I’ll post more photos from the portie pups play date soon…it’s so much cute.


Do you see how his nose is freckled? <3

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ORGANIX Jerky Chip Cookie

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photo 2

Bear and Scooter are both feeling like such #ASmartCookie after trying these new ORGANIX Jerky Chip Cookie treats. We’ve been motivated as ever to practice our manners and commands these past few weeks having all these tasty rewards around. Scooter has little to no impulse control, so we’ve been focusing on that this week. As you can see, he’s getting better:


Castor & Pollux Natural Petworks is a leader in the organic and natural pet product market. The company is expanding their treat options and have come out with this new line of ORGANIX Jerky Chip Cookies for dogs. Bear and Scooter were lucky enough to be one of the first pups to get their crunch on with these amazing biscuits. We got four flavors to try: Oatmeal & Salmon, Oatmeal & Lamb, Oatmeal & Beef, and Oatmeal & Chicken. We’ve opened the first two flavors-both hits with both boys- and they smell good to me even!

photo 1

Bear’s trying to decide if this is heaven or torture ;)

Hard, biscuit type treats are a total hit or miss with Scooter. But we’ve tried both the salmon and lamb flavors with great success. I’m thrilled because I prefer to feed him a type of treat that will work towards cleaning his little teeth, so hearing him crunch away on these makes me happy. As you can see in the photo below, we put our paws together to try to give you a perspective on the size of these great biscuits. Bear says he needs a whole one every single time, but they’re also quite easy to break into fourths or smaller for a toy breed like Scooter. I like the round shape as well.

photo 3

These are oven baked treats made with organic whole grains with protein-packed jerky chips baked inside. There are also organic fruits and veggies but NO corn, soy, or wheat. Bear and Scooter only eat treats made in the USA, and these fit the bill here, also not using any ingredients from China. The bags are 10 oz each and sell for just $7.99 which is really affordable- those of you who’ve been in the dog treat aisle recently know what I’m talking about!

photo 4

I’m ready to paw-ty!

I can already tell that Bear & Scooter will have a tough time choosing which bag of ORGANIX Jerky Chip Cookies they’ll pack for their next weekend adventures. :D

photo 5

Finally, here’s an easy way to connect with Castor & Pollux on social media, they’re fun and active on facebook, twitter, and instagram.

I was sent the ORGANIX Jerky Biscuit treats from Castor & Pollux for Bear and Scooter to try out in exchange for an honest review on our blog. I was not paid to write this review. As always, all opinions expressed are my own & I only share products that I find relevant to my own fur family & that I think my readers would truly love. Thank you for supporting brands that make SheSpeaksBark possible.

{Black & White Sunday} Saber Tooth Tiger

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I’m lucky I have such a tolerant old boy! Friday night, I saw his little antler chew laying around and thought to myself that it looked remarkably like a canine tooth…

Fast forward a few hours, and Bear is now sleeping quite hard, and nearly to the point of snoring. I see the ‘tooth’ again and get an idea…

A saber tooth tiger was born!


We had some fun with our online friends when we shared on IG immediately, & SSB facebook the following morning, but couldn’t resist having this toothy moment recorded on the blog as well.

Bear says RAWR & Happy Sunday! :D

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As with every Black & White Sunday- We’re linking up to Nola & Sugar’s blog hop. Today we’re including the entire list for you!