{Black & White Sunday} Saber Tooth Tiger

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I’m lucky I have such a tolerant old boy! Friday night, I saw his little antler chew laying around and thought to myself that it looked remarkably like a canine tooth…

Fast forward a few hours, and Bear is now sleeping quite hard, and nearly to the point of snoring. I see the ‘tooth’ again and get an idea…

A saber tooth tiger was born!


We had some fun with our online friends when we shared on IG immediately, & SSB facebook the following morning, but couldn’t resist having this toothy moment recorded on the blog as well.

Bear says RAWR & Happy Sunday! :D

He’s also wondering if you entered our By Nature Mixed Berry Dog treats giveaway yet? (He’s secretly hoping to hoard them all for himself-hurry enter to win!)


As with every Black & White Sunday- We’re linking up to Nola & Sugar’s blog hop. Today we’re including the entire list for you!

{Mischievous Monday} Avoid trouble + kong recipe

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Mischievously sweet would be the one-liner of Bear’s life if I had to choose one. One of my favorite ways to keep my mister Bear out of trouble is to give him a kong. I like to stuff a basket full at a time, and freeze them because it keeps him busy for so much longer. This latest kong recipe combines two of Bears favorite things, I’m calling it the “Sardine & Bean Kong”

photo 1

You’ll need:

-kongs, hollow bones, or other stuff-able toys

-kibble and/or broken biscuit pieces (I had a small bag of grain-free kibble from an expo that went into this batch)

-1 tin of sardines

-1 can of green beans (while I didn’t with this batch- I generally use french cut beans-dogs like them better)

-I also added a dash of cinnamon & garlic + a drizzle of honey

Mix it all together- breaking sardines into small bits, and stuff into kongs. Feed immediately or freeze. Freeze any leftovers/extras.

See our other kong recipe ideas here.

photo 2

photo 3

What do you do to keep your dogs occupied if you’re busy? Any other fill & freeze kong fans out there??

{Mischievous Monday} Gotta have it

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I wasn’t lying when I told you Bear’s got more ‘dirty laundry’ so to speak than can fit in his proverbial laundry basket. Let’s just say, this loveable boy’s got a stubborn streak that’s at least a mile wide ;) After spending the last 11 years with him & his mischief, I’ve got quite a collection of tales too!


Who me? Pure innocence…

Last time we shared a tale of naughtiness, Bear had stolen all the dog treat off the rack that we’ve stored them on for several years without issue. This prompted an entire rearranging of ‘all things dog’ which is honestly still in process. I’m re-evaluating all of our dog supplies- of which there are many- and donating things we’re not in need of any longer. For now, the main thing is all the treats have been relocated up high or behind a closed door- out of his reach.

His other ‘hot spot’ is digging through the trash-it’s sorta a nervous habit for him if he’s left alone. Bear suffered some major abuse in his first home (before he came to the shelter where I worked and ultimately rescued him from) that have left him with emotional scars. The first home he had as a puppy didn’t feed him regularly and he would surf the trash to sustain himself.

So the other day I had to run out of the house for what I thought would be 5 minutes. I gated off the kitchen to eliminate his access to the kitchen and left them loose. It was five minutes, and all the treats were put up….

When I got back inside Bear was happily laying on our bed, a picture of innocence.

Then I rounded the corner to the kitchen and saw this:

photo 3

Yum! A bunch of napkins and a package of wheat tortillas. Doesn’t he know he’s ALLERGIC to wheat?!

Well would you look at that! Somehow Bear has performed a miraculous set of acrobatics to retrieve these much-needed items from the back side of the kitchen counter, (since the front-easy access- was blocked)  plucking them from underneath a shelf without disturbing a thing on it. Wish I had that on video.

photo 2

I didn’t even scold him. What’s the point? I did however, force him to pose next to his mess. A version of dog-shaming I suppose, so that I had these photos as proof. Below you can see Scooters face- he doesn’t understand these messes and has never caused one himself. ‘Seriously Bear, wtf is wrong with you man? You got issues…’

photo 1

At least he’s keeping me on my toes! Ever creative, that one.

Do your dogs cause any sorts of mischief at home??