{Black and White Sunday} Bear’s Camp Duties

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One of Bear’s favorite tasks when we’re out camping as a family is to play the role of Camp Guard.


Naturally, he does this task without our asking, and is more than thrilled to enact all of his self-imposed camp duties with a smile on his face.


That is, until we pull out the Bravo Beef Trachea’s and he decides someone else is on guard duty for awhile ;)

Camping With Dogs

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When it comes to our whole camping with dogs routine, we’ve got things down to a pretty strict science at this point. All it really took was a few trips out with the dogs, and various types of gear, to get a good sense for what works, and what doesn’t for us.


In our family, there are two main types of camping excursions:

*Car Camping- We’re more generous with our packing here, as we’re not worried about weight because we won’t be hauling it all on our backs and in our packs. We bring our larger 4 person tent (the orange one), and a cooler full of food/snacks/beer, and our camping chairs. The dogs have toys packed, all the luxuries they could want, and plenty of food and treats. This is how we typically camp with friends, and the boys love the social aspect of this type of camping a lot. Amenities like bathrooms and fresh water are available which is certainly convenient.



*Dispersal Camping/Backpack Camping- Here we’re focused on packing light, and ONLY the essentials. We have pack our 2 person tent (the gray one), and Bear sleeps in the outer vestibule. Water is only a camelbak and our water bottles, and we take freeze dried food for the dogs (and usually ourselves!) because it’s incredibly light weight and nourishing. This is most often just our family of four, and a great way to reconnect with nature as we’re often not staying at a traditional camp site at all.



I’m going to be starting a series of posts that cover various aspects of camping with dogs. If you have any questions at all about how we do things I’d love for you to submit them in the comments so we can work them into an upcoming post!


Do any of you camping with your dogs? What have your experiences been like? 

Tips for Walking Your Dog in the Rain

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Many of you know that we live in the (often) rainy city of Portland, Oregon. When we first moved here, I spent time working as a dog walker, and have acquired a few great tips for walking your dog in the rain along the way. I’m going to share a few of those tips with you today.


The older Bear gets, the less he seems to appreciate the rain. In fact, he will sometimes choose to not go outside for a potty break until after the rain stops. We keep their leashes and jackets hanging in the back porch area between the house and yard so that we can easily slip a jacket on Bear so he’ll go out. Scooter on the other hand doesn’t seem to mind the rain one bit. His coat tends to get frizzy and unmanageable if rained on frequently though, so it’s really in both dogs’ best interest to have a rain jacket to cover up with during the frequent showers.


The RC Pets Packable Rain Poncho is great for us to strap onto the ends of Bear and Scooter’s leashes so we’re prepared  for showers popping up during our walks throughout the rainy season- sometimes we’ll simply throw them into our pockets too- if we’re already carrying a pickup bag dispenser on the leash.


We also love these ponchos for all our backpacking and camping adventures with the dogs because they’re lightweight and easily packable we can always be prepared to protect the pups from the elements. Not having stinky wet dogs makes it much more pleasant to spend the evening in a tent together too :) We haven’t yet tested them during hours of downpour, and I’m not certain how long they would hold up, but for our needs thus far they have been working well.


Aside from having a great poncho or rain jacket to protect your pup, there are a few other tips I can suggest to make walking in the rain a bit easier on all involved.


Tips for Walking Your Dog in the Rain:

  • Avoid nylon leashes at all costs! I opt for leather or our Flexi Vario leash because it has a lighted band that makes me feel safer while we walk. Neither of these leashes get as gross or quality compromised as a nylon leash does when wet.
  • If you’re walking in an absolute downpour, it can be a good idea to have a few extra pick up bags in your pocket as it’s sometimes nice to work with a dry bag to begin with.
  • Don’t take treats on walks in the rain unless you’re working really hard with your dog on something. The tendency to become a sticky, gross, fragrant mess is too much.
  • Invest in a great waterproof rain jacket for yourself, you’ll tolerate much longer walks much happier. I have worn and loved this jacket for the past 2 years.
  • I didn’t know rain pants existed until after moving to Portland, but they’re an amazing invention! Ohh…and rain shoes too!! Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up!


So how about you guys? What are your top tips for a tolerable walk in the rain? 

Disclaimer: I was sent the RC Pets Packable Poncho for review purposes. I was not compensated in any way for my opinion. As always, all opinions expressed are my own & I only share products that I find relevant to my own fur family & that I think my readers would try love. Thank you for supporting brands that make SheSpeaksBark possible. 

Weekend Plans

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We’re currently packing for another weekend of camping, hiking, and exploring with Bear and Scooter. Feeling excited to get out and explore all that Oregon has to offer!


That means there’s a whole lot of this…


and this….


…going on in my life right now! You’d think after years of doing this with us, the boys would know by that that OF COURSE they’re included in all our adventures….yet they still keep a close watch on the supplies pile each and every time we pack up to head out. Do your dogs do the same?


Scooter’s already sooo excited that he’ll be sleeping in a tent this weekend- it’s his absolute favorite!

Wishing you all a great weekend!