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How many of you have your pets microchipped?
We sure do! As a former shelter worker, I deeply understand the importance of microchipping our pets- even my pet rabbits have been microchipped-just in case. Microchipping is so important because obviously, if our pets are lost, they can’t just tell someone their moms phone #, or where they belong like a lost child might be able to- which means its up to US to do the ‘talking’ for them! Microchipping is an excellent way to have a constant form of ID on your pets, and it certainly provides me with a lot of peace of mind. That’s not to say collars with up to date tags aren’t important too- but collars can get lost or taken off of your dog-and then they’re literally no good to either of you.
I have literally dozens of stories of pets being reunited with their owners thanks to microchips- situations I’ve experienced personally, with animals I knew (and sometimes helped to round up working animal control!). My favorite two stories are:
  • 12 year old German Shepherd comes into the shelter. No collar at all. Looks healthy- no one’s called missing him- but we knew the old boy belonged somewhere. We scan him, and find out that he’s microchipped- hooray! A bit of phone call time and contact info chasing later, and he’s reunited with his beloved family. He wasn’t wearing his collar because he’d just been bathed- and picked the worst moment to wander out of his families yard.
  • Then there was a 5 year old stray Siamese cat that we were processing for adoption. He gets scanned and has a microchip. Holy cow! It took several days of tracking down through the microchip company but we finally got ahold of his owners. He had been missing for THREE YEARS! Theirs was one of the happiest reunions I’ve seen :)


In both of these cases though, a lot of work was needed to reunite pet and owner. First you must call the 800 number for the company who implanted the chip in the animal. Then the company must check their records to find contact information on the owner. Here’s the thing though- many pets are microchipped but NEVER registered- meaning there is no contact information on the owner of that animal. Occasionally- a pet has been registered in the name of the animal shelter, rescue organization, or vets office. Then that company or organization must be contacted, and they have to search their records to find a match on that Microchip ID (if they even keep them!) so you can see there is a lot of room for improvement in this current system. That’s where Fetch ID has stepped in to fill the gap.

Fetch ID is a new service that registers microchip #’s for all brands of microchips. This is a vitally important factor as there are several different companies that provide microchip services- as seen in the graphic below. Nowadays ‘universal microchip scanners’ exist, but back when microchips first hit the market- each company had their own scanner too- further muddling the process. Scooter has an Avid microchip, while Bear’s is Home Again- it’s so nice for a pet parent like me to be able to have a service that tracks and manages both of them!

“Fetch ID was created to streamline the process of reuniting pets and their owners. Once a pet is registered with Fetch ID, a rescuer only has to perform a quick Google search of the ID number to instantly retrieve an owner’s phone number or email
address to contact them directly and a picture of the pet for instant verification.”

-From FetchID.com

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As an awesome added bonus- Fetch ID also includes $500 for travel assistance, lost pet alerts, custom printable lost pet posters and your pet is also added to their Google-powered pet registration database. I love knowing exactly where to turn should one of my boys ever go missing- because IF that ever were to happen, I know my rational brain would not be guiding my choices at that time ;) Fetch ID offers all of this incredible service and protection for just a $9.99 ONE TIME fee!  There are never any renewal fees or hidden costs. Amazing right!?
As you can see from the screen shot below- the user profile is very simple, and only contains the information you’d need to update it, or to report your pet missing. Even the most panicked pet parent won’t miss the red ‘report lost pet’ button in case of an emergency.
Here’s my favorite part, and the reason that Fetch ID is oh-so useful. You can do a GOOGLE SEARCH with the pets ID #, and will instantly have all the information needed to reunite the pet with their parent. It’s so so awesome you guys! Seriously- give it a go- take this ID # (900108000941405) and pop over to google and try it yourself. Here’s what you’ll find:
If you’re interested in trying the service out yourself just visit www.fetch-id.com and register your dog(s) using the form on the website. You don’t even have to use your computer, registration is possible using a smartphone! If you’ve got more than one pet to register, just start with one pet and create your account. You’ll get an email prompting you to log-in where you can set a secondary contact, upload a photo, and ‘add a pet’ which is what you’ll need to do to add any additional microchipped members of your family to the database.
Connect with FetchID on facebook and twitter too!
So now that you’re on the up and up with how Fetch ID works to track microchip ID’s and to reunite pets and their parents in the event of a lost pet- I’m curious- is this service something you’d be interested in trying out with your pets?
Disclaimer: FetchID provided SheSpeaksBark with free microchip registrations through their service. SheSpeaksBark was not compensated to write this post. All thoughts and opinions are exclusively my own, and we only share products and services on SheSpeaksBark that we feel are relevant to our readers. As always, thank you for supporting brands that make SheSpeaksBark possible!

ORGANIX Jerky Chip Cookie

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photo 2

Bear and Scooter are both feeling like such #ASmartCookie after trying these new ORGANIX Jerky Chip Cookie treats. We’ve been motivated as ever to practice our manners and commands these past few weeks having all these tasty rewards around. Scooter has little to no impulse control, so we’ve been focusing on that this week. As you can see, he’s getting better:


Castor & Pollux Natural Petworks is a leader in the organic and natural pet product market. The company is expanding their treat options and have come out with this new line of ORGANIX Jerky Chip Cookies for dogs. Bear and Scooter were lucky enough to be one of the first pups to get their crunch on with these amazing biscuits. We got four flavors to try: Oatmeal & Salmon, Oatmeal & Lamb, Oatmeal & Beef, and Oatmeal & Chicken. We’ve opened the first two flavors-both hits with both boys- and they smell good to me even!

photo 1

Bear’s trying to decide if this is heaven or torture ;)

Hard, biscuit type treats are a total hit or miss with Scooter. But we’ve tried both the salmon and lamb flavors with great success. I’m thrilled because I prefer to feed him a type of treat that will work towards cleaning his little teeth, so hearing him crunch away on these makes me happy. As you can see in the photo below, we put our paws together to try to give you a perspective on the size of these great biscuits. Bear says he needs a whole one every single time, but they’re also quite easy to break into fourths or smaller for a toy breed like Scooter. I like the round shape as well.

photo 3

These are oven baked treats made with organic whole grains with protein-packed jerky chips baked inside. There are also organic fruits and veggies but NO corn, soy, or wheat. Bear and Scooter only eat treats made in the USA, and these fit the bill here, also not using any ingredients from China. The bags are 10 oz each and sell for just $7.99 which is really affordable- those of you who’ve been in the dog treat aisle recently know what I’m talking about!

photo 4

I’m ready to paw-ty!

I can already tell that Bear & Scooter will have a tough time choosing which bag of ORGANIX Jerky Chip Cookies they’ll pack for their next weekend adventures. :D

photo 5

Finally, here’s an easy way to connect with Castor & Pollux on social media, they’re fun and active on facebook, twitter, and instagram.

I was sent the ORGANIX Jerky Biscuit treats from Castor & Pollux for Bear and Scooter to try out in exchange for an honest review on our blog. I was not paid to write this review. As always, all opinions expressed are my own & I only share products that I find relevant to my own fur family & that I think my readers would truly love. Thank you for supporting brands that make SheSpeaksBark possible.

Astoria Overcoat {Product Review}

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Scooter has had his own raincoat for years now. Two actually. He’s got his Pawz 1z coat, as well as his little blue jacket that we purchased locally from the Portland Downtown Saturday Market. But poor Bear has never had a rain resistant coat. I don’t think he really used to mind the rain, but now that he’s older, he’s starting to greatly appreciate the finer things in life ;) AO-NavyLucy Also, we now live in Portland, OR where it rains a lot more often than in the Midwest, making a rain coat for Bear all the sudden quite appropriate and needed. The coat we’re reviewing today is called the Astoria Overcoat from the Gold Paw Series, and it was named after the city Astoria, Oregon! :D


The Astoria Overcoat comes in four different color combos. I chose navy and red for Bear- doesn’t he look handsome!? The outer color is rain resistant, and the inner color is a soft mesh lining that is breathable for the dogs. The oversized collar piece is even more adorable in person, and I really loved how highly adjustable this coat is, with durable velcro closings.

photo 3

Squirrel Stalking in Astoria Overcoat

This coat is machine washable, and made right here in the USA from 27% recycled material. I love that! There is a sizing guide and video on their website, which makes the ordering process a breeze. Bear’s ready to get out in the rain without a worry now!

photo 5

I was sent the Astoria Overcoat for Bear to try out in exchange for an honest review on our blog. As always, all opinions expressed are my own & I only share products that I find relevant to my own fur family & that I think my readers would try love. Thank you for supporting brands that make SheSpeaksBark possible. You can find Gold Paw Series on facebook too. 


Anxiety Wrap {Product Review}

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Does your dog suffer from anxiety or fears over anything in particular?

I’ve already shared that Bear suffers from a few types of anxiety, some of which he was probably genetically predisposed to, and others which stem from his neglectful puppy hood (before he came to the shelter where I eventually adopted him). It bothers me to see my old boy get distressed unnecessarily. None of us wish to see our pets feeling scared, worried or anxious. Unfortunately, it’s something that many pet owners will go through in one way or another. Some breeds, like German Shepherds are prone to obsessive or anxious behaviors, while other dogs are anxious due to circumstances they have lived in or are currently living in. Some are just scared of car rides, being groomed, or trips to the vet.

Just like with people, our pups are individuals, and what causes anxiety in one, might not make another dog even bat an eye. That’s why it’s important as pet owners to have resources that can help calm your pets, regardless of the source of their anxiety. Only once calm, can you begin to establish positive reinforcements with whatever is triggering the anxiety in your dog and work towards a solution that causes less stress for your family.

Have you heard of the Anxiety Wrap?


 The Anxiety Wrap works by triggering acupressure points in your dog to instill calmness. It’s a drug-free method of helping your pup achieve a feeling of inner peace. Think of it as the ‘swaddled baby’ concept- only for your dog! Anxiety Wrap can provide instant comfort to dogs who are anxious about:

  • storms
  • car travel
  • loud noises
  • fear of strangers or other dogs
  • general anxiety
  • separation anxiety
  • hyperactivity
  • helps with constant barking & jumping up
  • grooming anxiety
  • destructive chewing/digging

We have discovered in our family that there are two times the Anxiety Wrap helps us the most:

1. When we are traveling (hotels, new places etc.)

2. When we are cheering on our favorite sports teams

Both Bear and Scooter LOVE to go for a car ride- neither of them feel anxiety while riding in the car- typically they just go to sleep. But when we arrive at our destination (if it is an unknown location to them) that’s when some anxiety sets in. Bear has the advantage of being able to see out the car window- and if we ask the boys to wait there for a minute, he can watch us and keep tabs on us while we handle business (like check into a hotel, get gas for the car etc.) but Scooter being so tiny doesn’t have that advantage, and he feels very shut off from the outside world and becomes whiny. They feed off each other as I’m sure your dogs do, and the anxiety begins to mount. We rely on Bear, being twice Scooters age to set the good example-and I’ve noticed that if one of them can ‘keep it together’ it also helps the other to remain much more calm.

photo (1)

Don’t say ‘car ride’ in this house- unless you mean it!

Our boys are seasoned travelers, and have camped with us, and stayed overnight in many hotels and the like. They’re used to change, but it takes them awhile to understand that *this* is our home for the night. Again, some anxiety is noticed as we try to settle them into our hotel room. Bringing ‘their things’ beds, toys, etc. certainly help, but I have noticed that this little anxiety has gotten a touch worse with Bear as he ages. Boy loves a little consistency in his life.

photo 1

Bear wears his anxiety wrap in our hotel room as he settles into the new surroundings.

Second instance- cheering on our sports teams. This is a sore matter with Bear who has never appreciated the random cheers, shouts, and general excitement that can go along with cheering on a favorite sports team. My husband is a huge sports fan, and me, well let’s just say I’m slowly coming along. Since moving to Portland, I’ve become a huge Trailblazers fan, and now I too, can be found cheering alongside my handsome hubby, much to Bear’s chagrin. I believe that in Bear’s first home, where he spend a terrifying first 9 months of his life being abused and neglected, that there was a lot of yelling. It was an unhappy, broken home, where I’m quite sure Bear suffered to worst treatment of all. There are verified abuses that I don’t want to share, and things I can’t imagine. So yelling= a trigger to his terrible past.

We’ve tried various methods of helping Bear to cope with this: bringing out a ‘special t-shirt’ for sports games, giving him lots of treats, using the DAP collar or spray, lavender oil, putting him in his kennel (safe zone) in a different room- all of which have had varied levels of success- none of which being the solution we were looking for.

Until we got the Anxiety Wrap that is…



Color me surprised when we’re watching the Blazers game two weeks back, it’s getting to be a close game, and the levels of our cheers and anxiety are increasing as we’re wishing and hoping they’ll pull out a win. Suddenly, handsome hubby looks over and exclaims “Look at Bear! He’s sleeping!” And he was- a miracle in its own right! What Jake didn’t know then, is that I had slipped on the anxiety wrap about an hour earlier, and Bear had taken the full calming effect and fallen right asleep. Since the anxiety wrap is black, and so is Bear, it wasn’t immediately evident that he was wearing anything. I let him in on my little secret- and we both reveled in the awesomeness that is Anxiety Wrap.

photo 1 (2)

Bear resting happily during an EXCITING bball game. Peace achieved!

The Anxiety wrap is a stretchy type material and comes in many different sizes. Bear is quite the barrel chested boy, and he wears his Large (size 9) anxiety wrap on all the ‘lowest’ settings to allow the most comfort. It’s breathable and comfortable enough that he could wear it 24/7 if we wanted him too. He’s able to find full relief outdoors while wearing his wrap and can go swimming and hiking it in without issue. In the warm weather, you can wet the Anxiety Wrap and help keep your pup nice and cool! Anxiety wrap is the only pet wrap of it’s kind that activates accupressure points to calm your canine & is American Pet Association (APA) approved.

The anxiety wrap also comes with calming leg straps which are easy to figure out and use once you’ve flipped through the instructional booklet once. We don’t typically use the leg straps, and I’ve removed them from the Anxiety Wrap and stowed them away in the ‘dog stuff bin’ for future needs. The wrap itself works so many calming wonders on our boy we haven’t had to up our game yet, but it’s nice to know the straps are an option- and something we’ll keep in mind as he continues to age.

I am one happy Trailblazers fan- excited to cheer on my team as they head into Round 2 of the NBA playoffs! Jake & I are thrilled we’ll be able to cheer the Blazers on without worrying any longer about stressing our sweet boy out.

Does your dog suffer from any anxiety? Do you think the Anxiety Wrap could be a solution in your home too? 

If you are interested, I suggest you learn more about the Anxiety Wrap here, or connect with them on facebook and twitter. For those who have or purchase an Anxiety Wrap, there are even free treatment programs and training support available online- the true mark of a company who stands behind their product!

I was sent the Anxiety Wrap on behalf of The Company of Animals to try out in exchange for an honest review on our blog. As always, all opinions expressed are my own & I only share products that I find relevant to my own fur family & that I think my readers would try love. Thank you for supporting brands that make SheSpeaksBark possible.