{B/W Sunday} Scooter & Onyxx

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We have highly adorable, highly adoptable Onyxx (foster dog of Tenacious Little Terrier) here for a week to stay. Bear & Scooter are excited about having a friend to play! We had our pup-date last weekend and luckily things went along well between the boys…I’m sure I’ll be posting more photos than usual on facebook, instagram, and twitter. Stay tuned…if cute puppy photos are your thang ;)

Meet Onyxx

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We’ve really been missing fostering dogs recently. And while our curring living situation doesn’t allow us to foster, we’ve got a few friends who do! Today we’d like to introduce you to Onyxx, a very sweet and dapper 5 lb male chihuahua who would love to have his own furever home for Christmas.


Take a look at this little cutie!


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Onyxx is a very sweet long haired Chihuahua who came from a home where he was very much neglected. He was infested with fleas and was missing most of the hair around his eyes, on his back, his hind legs and tail. A bath, flea treatment, good food, and a little TLC and now, he’s so handsome!


Onyxx is very friendly and playful with other small dogs, as soon as he knows they are safe. He is nervous around small children. He loves to play with toys and other small dogs, just like a puppy. And of course he’s housebroken! If you are in the Portland, OR area, and are interested in being a furever family for Onyxx please learn more here.

National Mutt Day

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Today, December 2nd is National Mutt Day. And while we might be a little slow on the update, we’d be remiss to mention it. After all, we’ve got a lot of mutts that we adore in our lives, #1 being our main-man Bear. Mixed breeds are the breed for me!

Created in 2005, this awesome holiday is celebrated twice a year! July 31st & Dec 2nd are the dates to honor your mixed breed mutt.


National Mutt Day was created to be celebrated on two dates per year to raise awareness of the plight of mixed breed dogs in shelters around the nation and to educate the public about the sea of mixed breed dogs that desperately await new homes.

Swoon. Talk about a cause near and dear to my heart! They’ve got a wonderfully extensive list of ways you can participate too, I’d love to know which one you’d do?? You can also find them on facebook here.