Nina Ottoson Pyramid Toy

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Bear loves a good food toy, and was so excited recently, when he was sent the Nina Ottoson Large Pyramid Toy to review. This toy is very similar to Bear’s Kong Wobbler toy, but it’s more challenging because the hole that the treats pass through is higher up making Bear work harder for each little reward. This particular toy rates as a level 2 toy on the Nina Ottoson Rating System which is a simple 1-3 scale, so two is a medium difficulty, appropriate for most dogs.


It’s weighted base allows it to sit back upright after each tumble or toss. Your pup will enjoy playing with this toy both indoors and outdoors! Consider feeding your dog his meal out of the Pyramid Toy on occasion and see how dinner can be drawn out for a half hour or more.


The Nina Ottoson Pyramid Toy is easy for me to fill up with kibble or small treats and pass off to Bear for enjoyment. He pushes it around with his nose, paws at it, and just wobbles it all around until a treat is released. He thinks it’s great fun! This toy comes in 3 different sizes so that dogs of all sizes can enjoy a food challenge of their own!


Besides being a great way to extend dinner time, feeding games serve a lot of other great benefits for our pets as well:

  • Keeping senior pets like Bear mentally active and engaged
  • Strengthen the bond between pet and owner
  • A great activity and mental challenge for pets when the weather isn’t cooperative to outdoor play
  • If your pet is sick this can be a great way for them to easily pass the time
  • Pet parents can increase the challenge by freezing goodies inside of feeding toys before use
  • Feeding games encourage finicky dogs, like Scooter, to eat their meals more readily


PrideBites Product Suggestions

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Just a quick reminder if you’re looking for a last minute gift idea- don’t forget about PrideBites toys being a great option!


Bear and Scooter love the PrideBites toys & one of them is always on the bed! PrideBites has just expanded their offerings to include a huge line of items that you can customize to your hearts desire.


Use code: SHESPEAKSBARK for a 20% discount now!!


Pet Lovers Christmas Gift Guide 2014

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Bear and Scooter have both shared their Christmas Gift Guides already, so I decided that it should be my turn now! I thought I’d do another gift round up with all the Pet Lovers out there in mind. Similar to Bear & Scooter’s Guides, these are all things I’d love to receive as gifts, and a few things I already own and love.  I hope they provide you a few good suggestions if you’re still looking to fulfill someones wish this year.


  1. Drinkwell Pagoda Fountain- I’ve included a drinking fountain on my wishlist before, but this one is bigger, better, and more beautiful than any before! I adore the Himalayan blue color and think the modern design fits well with home decor. Pets are more encouraged to stay hydrated by the sound of running water.
  2. Animal Paw Wax Seal Stamp- I don’t send a whole lot of snail mail anymore, but when I do, I want to make sure it’s extra special. I’m pretty sure this paw print wax seal stamp would bring a smile to anyone’s face who’s lucky enough to open a letter its sealed.
  3. Snow Valley Heroes Book- We’ve reviewed some of author Robert McCarty’s books before, and this is another great book from the Planet of the Dogs series that is written with children and pet lovers in mind. This lovely Christmas story will keep the entire family enchanted all holiday season. It’s the true story of how dogs saved Christmas.
  4. ‘I Just Want to Drink Beer…’ Sweatshirt-  Because seriously, who doesn’t? Really no other explanation needed! 
  5. Custom Pet Portrait Pillows- Seriously, these pillows are the epitome of awesome! Each one is custom made from photographs of your pets, and they’re absolutely to die for. I love the large eyed kitties in the photo above, and how adorable is an armful of pet pillows anyway?

Here’s a few additional ideas that we rounded up a few years ago- the post might be old, but the gift ideas are still great!

What is on your Christmas Wish List this year? 

Bear’s Christmas Gift Guide 2014

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Just like we did last year, we’re doing a separate Christmas Gift Guide for big and small dogs again for 2014. We like to call them Bear and Scooter’s versions, since we’ve got a big and small dog right here in our home. Bear’s tastes have changed over the years! As a younger pup, he used to focus nearly exclusively on treats, food, and bones. He just wanted to eat! Now that he’s a senior boy though, he’s more into staying comfy and warm.


  1. Sleepypod Clickit Sport- This newest model of Sleepypod safety harness is the ultimate in pet travel safety. Bear finds it even more comfortable to wear than the Sleepypod Utility, and its much easier to hook up in the car for me as well.
  2. Petsafe Train ‘n Praise- We did a review of this product a few months back, and Bear is all about this thing! He gets excited when he sees me reach for the remote, and he loves to work in exchange for treats from the Train ‘n Praise.
  3. Zukes Pet Treats- Last we had checked in with Zuke’s they had a few cool flavors of dogs treats. Then all of the sudden it seems they exploded with options: jerky, skinny bakes, mini naturals, and lil’ links are all hits with Bear.
  4. Sealy Pet Bed- We certainly aren’t suffering from a shortage of dog beds in our home, yet the Sealy pet bed is often the one we find Bear using the most. He loves to curl up in the gentle
  5. Petnostics Kit- The Petnostics kit is a great way for us to keep track of Bear’s health at home, without taking too many trips to the vet. When we use a Petnostics kit, and get ‘healthy’ results, it gives us peace of mind that all’s well with Bear. It’s so easy to use, and works so well with our iPhones!


Here’s Bear’s list from last year, in case you’re looking for additional pet gift ideas. He’s still hoping that Santa might bring him that pretty orange pup tent and bike trailer he’s been pining over for years. Click through for Scooter’s 2014 Small Dog Gift Guide if you missed it.