Fruitables Skinny Minis- Watermelon Dog Treats

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With Bear eating all of his meals out of feeding toys, it’s become important that we also have a lot of little tasty treats laying around to mix in there for interest. Summer is gone, and Fall is in full swing here in Portland, but with the Fruitables Watermelon Flavor Skinny Mini’s- the pups can enjoy the taste of Summer all year long.

We’ve tried some Fruitables treats before. When I was volunteering with PCHS in Kansas, we had bi-weekly adoption events at Petco, so I got my treat browsin’ on something fierce in those days. During one volunteer stint I picked up the pumpkin and blueberry flavored Crunchy Fruitables biscuits from Petco and both were enjoyed by the dogs.

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Fruitables has been up to a lot since we last checked them out though! They’ve got Soft & Chewy, Jerky, & even Greek Yogurt Crunchers treats now- and they all look like flavor options my dogs would enjoy. I like the Fruitables treats because they’re all natural, with organic ingredients, and don’t contain anything artificial. It’s a brand I can trust, and they’re all made in the USA.

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Fruitables have created a line of dog treats that work well for pet parents like me. With two differently sized dogs, who have two very different ideas about what tastes they prefer, it can be hard to cater to both of them. I can buy several packs of the Fruitables brand treats and satisfy both boys’ needs and wants at once.

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The Fruitables treats are created using Calorie Smart concepts. They use fruits and veggies to balance the palatability, keep the calories low, and add variety to the treats. The Fruitables treats have been proven to reduce hunger in between meals according to university studies. They must have had Bear in mind when they created these- because low calorie treats that keep him full in between meals are just the way to his heart! We’re constantly battling his weight, and hes always hungry, so little tricks to satiate his constant hunger are greatly appreciated in our house.


When I agreed to review the Fruitables Skinny Mini’s Watermelon flavored treats, I had already mentally signed Scooter off from participation. You know, his picky tendencies and all. I figured Bear would enjoy them a lot, and we’d feel great feeding them to him knowing they were just 2 1/2 calories each.

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Scooter surprised me once again, and absolutely ADORES the watermelon Fruitables. Go figure ;) In fact, he loves them so much, he’s including them in his Top 4 Favorite Treats Ever- photo above. That’s a pretty big deal around here! Both Bear and Scooter love yogurt, so these Greek Yogurt treats will most certainly be on their Christmas Wish Lists this year :)

It’s also very important to note that the Fruitables Watermelon Skinny Mini’s coerced this insanely adorable and intense face out of my old boy- my favorite photo in all our 11 years together! <3


{Black and White Sunday} Special New Sleep Spot

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I always find it fun to watch as our dogs establish their new routines once we move into a new home. They inevitably pick new favorite sleep spots, have to learn the best places where the sunlight hits the floor just right, and even to figure out how to ask for a trip to the yard.


I set Scooter’s Sleepypod under the console table, intending to take it back out to the car again. Scooter had other plans though, and now this is his favorite spot to catch a long afternoon nap. I’m glad the Sleepypod has a lovely design, so at least we don’t mind having it sit out for him to use!

Dinnertime Games

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I know most parents encourage their kids NOT to play at the dinner table. But I’m a Pet Parent, and couldn’t feel more against that statement when it comes to my dogs. In fact, we encourage play time when it comes to their meals!

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I’ve all but done away with Bear’s metal food bowl completely in favor of other, better options. For the last three weeks, we’ve been feeding him twice daily exclusively from one of his food game bowls, of which he is acquiring a collection. It is SO NICE to have Bear’s meal time take longer than it takes me to leave the kitchen :) and he seems to be much more satisfied at the completion of his dinner having worked his mind to get to his food too.

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Bear has a Buster Bowl, Aikou Bowl, and Slo Bowl that we alternate his feedings from. He also has a massive selection of various kongs and kong-like products that we stuff and freeze for meals or fun snacks. Our hope is that keeping him mentally and physically engaged during feeding times like this will help to keep Bear feeling youthful as he ages.

Do you encourage your pup to play at meal times?

Extra Walkies!

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Last week we shared with you that we participated in National Walk Your Dog Week.  We had a lot of fun! It’s great how a little extra motivation can really make you want to get out there and walk with your pups- the dogs think they had the BestWeekEver!


We just so happened to have recently moved as well, so this week of extra walks couldn’t have been better timed. We took out on foot to explore our fun new neighborhood and we found many fun new places to experience with the dogs. Here are a few of my favorite photos from our walks last week.



Bear and I even took a few late night walks out in the dark because he loves the cool evening weather. We learned our new neighborhood is pretty poorly lit at night, and we’ll have to come up with some better lighting solutions if evening walks are going to become a regular part of our routine.


Did you and your dogs learn anything new or make a discovery about your neighborhood during your extra walks?