Keeping Dogs Cool During a Summer Hike

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As I’ve mentioned, hiking with our dogs is one of our favorite activities. Even at 12 years old, Bear is an excellent hiking companion. He tires more quickly now, and sleeps like a log afterward, but still holds the same exuberance for getting out and exploring with us that he always has. We’re continually impressed with his excellent balance and agility!


As he’s aged though, he’s started to struggle more during the hotter days. We quickly realized how important it was to be sure we were keeping our dogs cool during a summer hike  So we’ve come up with a solution that’s been working out well to keep him out of trouble on a hike. He loves wearing his green dog pack, it gives him a sense of purpose. We simply stick a few ice packs in each side and let him wear it. It’s his very own cooling jacket- and he loves it!


Still doesn’t stop him from needing to take a splash in most every body of water we find. And show his gomer face to the world 😉


Do you and your dogs enjoy hiking together? Do you take any precautions against the heat? 

One thought on “Keeping Dogs Cool During a Summer Hike

  1. Aww so proud of Bear getting out there in his years. Unfortunately we don’t hike with the Shih Tzus, at least not in the summer, they really don’t do well in heat over 80 degrees.

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