Hiking with Dogs


One of our favorite things to do as a family is to go hiking with our dogs. We love getting out, exploring nature, and soaking up some Vitamin D as well as peace and quiet! The dogs love the off leash freedom, room to explore, and all the smells. Oh the smells!


Our favorite is when we’re able to take a weekend and backpack in somewhere, camp the night, and backpack out the next day. Our dogs LOVE sleeping in a tent which makes it a fun experience for all. They’re always exhausted from the actual hike and are great little campers- happy to stay close, resting on their beds until we turn in for the night.


Regardless of weather we’re going for a day-hike, or a backpacking/camping trip we always make sure to pack plenty of water. The dogs always drink more than you think they might.


Over Memorial Day weekend, we took a backpacking/camping excursion to Eastern Oregon. Ruby, a friends Portuguese Water Dog came with us for the trip. It was her first time, and she was a little rockstar. One of the dogs favorite part of ‘breaking camp’ the next morning was their breakfast time! They all had bigger appetites from our long hike the day before-something to account for when packing. We made sure to feed treats sporadically during the hike up and down to keep their energy sustained.


Bear often wears his green dog pack with treats in it. When we hike in the summer we’ll put ice packs inside to keep him cool. Scooter alternates between running, being carried, and riding in his dog pack. With his limited range of motion in his back legs he is starting to get tired more quickly.



Did we mention that packing your own water is essential yet?! We often bring two bottles for the dogs, plus a camelbak for ourselves to be sure that everyone is covered.


What we pack for hiking with dogs:


Do you enjoy hiking with your dogs? What do you pack and how do you prepare to enjoy an outdoor adventure together? 

5 thoughts on “Hiking with Dogs

  1. So nice to meet you and thanks for joining up with our Blog Hop! Your pups are awesome and I love that you hike with Scooter. When folks meet my little fluffier (Rocco Havanese) on hikes they never think he’s as capable as the big dogs, but he most certainly is!

    • Thank you Diane! I will admit that most folks that we encounter (on the trail) are quite surprised to see Scooter there. We also never encounter any smaller dogs while we’re out hiking with our boys, but I’m hoping to change that! 😉

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