Positive Pet Training at the Dog Park

Bear and Scooter are ALL about positive pet training. ‘Cause positive= treats & happy voices right?


The dog park we tend to frequent is nice, but quite small. Meaning on a busy day, when it’s hoppin’, it can become hard for Bear to handle. He drug me through the dog park one day going after a group of dogs while he was in a bit of a ‘time out’ to calm down and was banned (by me) for going for awhile after that. Until I saw this and decided to give him a second chance:


I knew I needed to re-frame his (and my!) experience at the dog park so we’d both have a good experience. To set him up for success. We started going for short stints on weekday mornings when it was much less busy. Several good experiences on a weekday and we were ready to try out a weekend again.

photo 2

I was armed with my favorite leather leash, and did have to round Bear up just once on our last visit when his herding instincts came on a little to strong and he got really pushy with another dog. Two minutes on leash next to me and he was ready to go again-much more calmly this time. And the best part about it is that after several minutes of running he’s rather too tired to bother anyone much anyways. You cannot carry treats into the dog park without instantly being harassed by every furry body in the place- so I instead used praise and happy voices with Bear to encourage him when he was doing something I was pleased with.

crazysign (2)

Thank god for senior dogs 😀 All he did the rest of the day after our dog park visit was sleep and snore!

5 thoughts on “Positive Pet Training at the Dog Park

  1. He slept SO hard the rest of the day after going to the dog park. So asleep he couldn’t even be woken up by meat treats! I love the pic of jubilant Bear with the dogs in the background wrestling. No wonder Bear burns so much energy at the park with such wild dogs!

  2. I love dogs that are content to work for praise and a happy voice! And that sign- oh! I need one of those/to develop such an attitude. Wilhelm, Brychwyn, Huxley and I will have a really nice run of good dog park times and then all it takes is one slight scare and I am out! But they love it so. It just isn’t fair. Thanks so much for joining the Positive Pet Training Blog Hop. I hope you’ll join us again in March!
    (Sorry I was so slow to get here; I have been sick.)

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