Madly Mischievous

I recently learned of the Monday Mischief blog hop (hosted by Alfie’s Blog, My Brown Newfies, and Snoopys Dog Blog) and realized that we’ve got some pretty great stories to tell thanks to one sweet & mischievous canine we call Bear. That’s Bear James when he’s in trouble in case you were wondering 😉


I laugh when the vet tells me Bear is geriatric-cause this ol’ boy is still FULL of mischief. He’s usually such a good boy, but does get upset when we leave sometimes. It’s been years since Bear’s had to be kenneled during the day. Yet several times recently, I’ve come home to this:


Of course the weekend before this ^ incident happened we’d just stopped at several local pet stores and picked up some fun new treats we thought Scooter would enjoy. Poor Scooter barely got the chance to try any of them before Bear helped himself to the whole lot one afternoon when I was running errands. Is he regressing in his senior years? I dunno…


One of the dogs always ‘tells’ on Bear when this happens right when we walk in the door. Bear was hiding out (knowing he’d been bad) and Scooter greeted us with worried eyes before walking over to the mess. Oy.

The stash of treats and stuffable toys have since been moved behind locked doors, with an easy to access stash on top of the fridge and I’m using the metal shelf to house my office supplies and materials to work from home.

What kind of mischief do your dogs get into? 


9 thoughts on “Madly Mischievous

  1. Good night Irene! A senior dog did that? I can’t talk – my nearly 12 year old Aussies decided to go for a walkabout this morning (the gate blew down in the wind storm last night). Looks like Bear is having fun in his old age!

    • Used to crate him when he was young, haven’t in over 10 years. Now this. He’s being locked in the bedroom when we’re gone currently-which is simply resulting in him sleeping on my bed all day 😉 He’s happy!

  2. Ha! A few weeks ago we came home to see Rob’s jacket on the floor in the middle of the room. I was bewildered until Rob said, “Oh, yeah, I had a bag of treats in the pocket.” Mia had torn a hole in the pocket, but honestly, how can he even be mad at her for that? He’s the one who left the treats there for her to find. I say she should be praised for her “find” skills!

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