{First Aid Essentials} Approaching an injured animal

Back in August, I attended a free conference on Pet First Aid through my dog walking/pet sitting job. We listened to presentations, watched a video, and had several hands on labs before receiving our certifications at the end.


I was recently looking back on that weekend, and decided that it would be a great thing if I could share some of that useful knowledge with all of you here. Of course, please know that I am not a vet, and you should never use any of these tips or advice in place of seeking medical treatment or care for an animal.

Today, for the first installment of the First Aid Essentials series on SheSpeaksBark, I’d like to touch lightly on the topic of dealing with an approaching injured animals.

1. Ensure you are physically protected. Don long sleeves, and gloves if possible. Injured animals are often defensive and may act out aggressively while trying to protect themselves. If you get inured yourself, you are much less able to help out the injured animal.

2. Approach the animal slowly. Don’t make any quick movements, and use a low, gentle voice.

3. Always muzzle an injured animal (unless it’s having trouble breathing!) even if it’s your own pet. A spare leash, long sock, piece of gauze, or pair of nylons can stand in for lack of a true muzzle. Cats can often be safely wrapped in towel or blanket before being transported to a veterinarian for care.

Have any of you had to aid an injured animal before? 

Disclaimer: Again, none of this advice is intended to be anything other than helpful guidance. I am not a vet, and you should not be using any information found online in place of taking your pet into a vets office to be seen if they are sick or injured.

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