{B/W Sunday} Hiking by flashlight

For MLK Day 2014, we woke up before the sun and drove 40 miles outside of town for a hike I’d read about on facebook. We were hiking at Bridal Veil Falls off 84 for any locals wondering. It was a great time!


The trail we chose was 5 miles up and back, and had a total elevation climb of 1800 feet. It was dark when we started out, so this was officially our first hike by flashlight :)


As usual, the boys did great.  Bear continues to amaze us with his stamina and ability to really climb and keep up with us despite his senior status. Scooter did hitch a ride with Jake and I quite frequently, but did his fair share of hiking as well- and we only carried him to give those little legs a rest. It was an uber windy day, and we felt like the top was actually quite dangerous that day so we stayed long enough for a single photo before beginning our descent.

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