Project 13 Update

I thought it would be fun to pop in today with a little update on my progress in the ongoing “Project 13“. As you’ll see from my list below, I’m not done yet, but I sure am proud of my progress!

1. Continue to be a foster home for PCHS and get as many dogs in our care adopted as possible. (Check our Foster Dogs page for full details!)

2. Take fun photos of all of the shelter dogs to improve their chances of adoption. (Hoping to accomplish this one next Friday!)

3. Share and re-post rescue dog’s profiles on Facebook

4. Share profiles of needy rescue groups on our facebook page-help promote them!

5. Buy this calendar/this book knowing that a portion of proceeds help dogs in need. 

6. Send a letter to my local representative asking them to ban the sale of animals in pet shops.

7. De-clutter my closet and sell the clothes that I no longer wear. Donate those profits to PCHS.

8. Organize a group of friends to spend an afternoon walking dogs or cleaning at our local shelter.

9. Purchase a Team London T-shirt to support physically needy dogs. 

10. Sign petitions to help make the world a better place for animals. I signed these two (ban treats made in China,  and pledging support for adopt a shelter dog month) in particular, but I have found lots of worthy causes through this site.

11. Make some homemade dog treats to share with shelter dogs. (I’m thinking they’d really enjoy some sweet potato chews, and maybe some breath freshening biscuits.)

12. Pin Pro-Adoption & Pro-Rescue posters and images on Pinterest to encourage others to think of adoption first.

13. Share and promote The 13 Project to inspire others!

We’ve got nine weeks left in 2012 to accomplish our goals, how are you doing with yours?

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