Etsy’s Dog Accessories

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I spent far too much time browsing Etsy this weekend, and decided to do a round up of some of my favorite dog related finds to share with you. You know, so it wasn’t a complete waste of time 😀

Sources (aka where you can BUY these things) are listed by item name at the bottom of the post. Be sure to check out these awesome Esty vendors and support handmade/homemade goods! 

 I’ve been loving the chevron pattern, and this adorable little dauschund case is right up my alley!

I love a good dog bed, and this one is not only cute, it’s plush looking too! 

 Seersucker bowties….enough said!

This vintage dog breeds poster would look great as part of a framed collage wall.

The aztek/native american/navajo patterns have been really popular lately, I think this collar is spectacular don’t you?!


Seeing this adorable green flower accessory makes me wish we had a female dog….and I’m off to browse Petfinder!!! 

I adore these custom portraits by Irene. I’ve actually worked with her once before, she’s wonderful and her watercolors are amazing!

I’ve been loving the nautical theme lately and these hemp collars and leashes are exactly what I’ve been searching for.

I’m a sucker for stationary so these cards are the perfect thing to write my next letter to grandma with.

This tail wagging leash holder is one of my most re-pinned items to date! Have you connected with us on Pinterest yet?

iPhone case/black and white dog bed/seersucker bowties/vintage dog breeds posternavajovsnap collar/ green bow collar/custom pet portrait by dimdi/nautical hemp collar/greyhound stationary/wagging tail leash holder/


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We’ve spent the majority of the last few weeks languishing indoors as near to the A/C unit as possible. Aka- we haven’t been too exciting. I’ve put together a little collage of some of the highlights from the last few weeks.

Little Man loves laying on a chair to catch a sneak peak as to what the neighbors are doing. He’s the next Gladys Kravits!

I finally got my library card, and checked out the max # of books!

Bear also enjoyed being read to by his favorite 4 year old girl. He was a great listener!

We finally have a birdie moving into our favorite green bird abode.

Trying our hand at infusing waters…this one was a Vitamin C Power water

Helping our hens to beat the heat has become a full time job. This is Suzy taking a break to lay her daily (blue!!) egg in the nest box we’ve filled with herbs.

Lots of DIY mani’s and pedi’s have helped to pass the time….along with a beautiful bouquet of flowers from my handsome hubby!

What have you all been up to? What are your best tips for beating the heat?

Our Fabulous Fourth

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Hello All! Just checking in after an awesome day (Happy Fourth of July!) off, smack dab in the middle of the week. We sure enjoyed our Fourth of July to the fullest, and hope you did too!

Glamor shot :D

Here in Kansas, we’ve been stuck with temps over 100 for about 15 solid days now.  Basically, we’re stuck in a heat rut.  We’re so thankful that we DO have electricity and that no wild fires are knockin’ at our door like they are in lots of areas around the country. Yet, it’s too hot to do anything outside, and the dogs barely want to step out long enough to potty. There’s been a lot of lounging in the A/C going on at our house these past few weeks…

Dogs were roused long enough to get baths, teeth brushed, and bandana’d before resuming another exciting round of napping.

We’ve yet to drag out the kiddie pool, although we sorely need to. I’ve been worried about attracting mosquitoes with the standing water so we’ve for-gone the pool so far.

The boys were convinced to spend enough time outdoors to scarf down their favorite frozen treat- raw bones filled with yogurt before clamoring to be let inside again.

Our poor backyard chickens have been having a rough go of things in the heat too. Keeping them cool has become a full-time job involving lots of ice, frozen fruit, and chilled watermelon.

And finally, we wrapped up the holiday with a light planting session in the (shaded) front yard.  Moss roses, Lantana, and colorful loco peppers are all adding a cheerful burst of color to our front beds.

The hubs and I rounded off our holiday with a bout of fireworks in the backyard, mojitos, and a platter of supreme nachos.

How was your holiday? How are you and yours keeping cool in this heat wave?