How to: Deal with rough puppy play

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Well folks, I’ve finally gotten around to posting another “real post”. I feel like I’ve been posting a lot of fun things lately with our giveaway contest, product review, and fun photos, so I hope you enjoy an informative post for a change!

Handling a puppy who’s constantly nipping and biting can become frustrating very fast. Not only is this a behavior you want to discourage as soon as possible due to future implications, but ouch it hurts! Those little puppy teeth are always sharp.

Some of the best tips I’ve learned to deal with this rough play involve thinking, and behaving as if you’re another puppy.

Tip # 1 Squeal! (this works well for kids)
Try this when a puppy nips or bites at you. Squeal or shriek in a high pitched voice. OUCH! or any other word will do, its the pitch that matters here.
Why it works: Your high pitched voice is reminiscent of another puppy in pain. This communicates to your biting puppy that she’s biting too hard, and better back off.

Tip # 2 Pinch gently- and I do mean gently, we’re not trying to cause any pain here!
Why it works: Not only does this distract your nipping puppy from his current (bad) behavior, but its not comfortable for him either, leaving him less inclined to take a taste next time around.

Tip # 3 “Ah-Ah”
Why it works: Ah-Ah should be said quickly and authoritatively. Its important to sound like you’re the boss, and serious. Mainly, this works as a distraction technique, to get your pups mind onto something else.

Tip # 4 Replacement options
Why it works: When your puppy is teething, its a very natural response for him to want/need things to chew on. Buy toys with different shapes and textures to provide a variety of things for your pup to gnaw on. When your puppy becomes excited and nippy, promptly replace your hand with one of his toys.

Puppy nipping and biting behaviours are something that most dogs grow out of as they age. You can help reduce the length of time your puppy is in this “stage” by reacting appropriately to the behavior, and giving your puppy a better option to chew on (like one of his own toys).

Anyone have other tips and tricks that have worked with fiesty puppies? Be sure to leave us a comment to share!

We have a winner!

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Thanks to all who entered our VERY FIRST giveaway contest!
A winner has been drawn….and reader Jill Fox will be recieving a complimentary 60-day supply of Teddy’s Pride to try out at her home on her pets.
 Congrats Jill, and thank you for entering! Send us an email with your home address and we’ll have Teddy’s ship your prize out to you directly. And of course, enjoy!

Tune in next month for our second product giveaway contest.

Enter our VERY FIRST product give-away contest!

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We’re excited! Did you hear, today is our VERY FIRST product give-away?! Enter our week-long contest today for your chance at winning a 60-day supply of Teddy’s Pride pet teeth cleaner.

 If you’ve never heard of Teddy’s Pride, check out my introduction to the product here, and our review of the product here, or hop on over to Teddy’s Site for more info.
To enter:
1. Send an email to:
  – Include your name and a brief reason why you’d love to try the product.
  – Optional: include a photo of your furry friend – we’d love to see your pets too!
Entries will be accepted from Tuesday June 15th through Tuesday June 22nd. One entry per person please.
Good luck, and as always, Bark Back at us!
A winner will be chosen by their email address at random. As entries are submitted, each entrants email address will be recorded so at the end of the contest we can choose one lucky winner. Be sure to add to your address book, as we’ll be notifying the winner via email. Teddy’s Pride will mail the prize directly, so the winner will be asked to provide their mailing address at the end of the contest.

Teddy’s Pride Final Review

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Well the pups of SheSpeaksBark have finally finished off their tub of Teddy’s Pride Teeth Cleaner.  So we’re officially ready for our review. I decided to use the entire tub before posting our results in order to get the most accurate review possible.
Teddy’s Pride is said to:
  • work naturally using probiotics to improve breath, and clean teeth
  • have no taste or odor- meaning the pickiest of eaters can still enjoy it
  • work for both cats and dogs
  • have noticeable improvement within a week when used according to pkg directions
For more information, check out our introductory post, or Teddy’s website directly.
I must admit, I think the product worked better for Bear than it did for Scooter. I noticed a huge improvement in the condition of Bears teeth, and some improvement on Scooters but not as much as I had hoped. That being said, Pomeranians are notorious for bad teeth, so I’m not ruling out the fact that Scooters breed may have been a factor in these results.
Bear’s teeth after Teddy’s Review:
Only a tiny bit of tartar near the gums- look at those suckers sparkle!
Final thoughts:
For an 8 year old dog, Bear’s teeth look incredible! We had a vet appt for their annual shots and rabies boosters a week before the review was set to end. Bears vet gushed over his teeth, telling me how spectacular they looked, she didn’t believe me that he was eight! Needless to say, I was one proud mamma!
I plan to continue adding Teddy’s Pride in the boys’ food regularly, as well as continuing to brush their teeth when we do their regular grooming (I really should do it more, but I’m trying to set some realistic goals here!)
Overall, I give Teddy’s Pride a 4 out of 5 stars

Added bonus: The nice people from Teddy’s Pride have offered to do a give-away of a 60 day supply of their product to one lucky reader! I’ll be hosting a contest next Tuesday that you can enter for your chance to be that lucky reader- mark your calendars and be sure to drop by and enter!