Dancing Light Lavender Pet Products

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Today I wanted to share with you a quick little review of this pet gift pack that I picked up at the PSU farmers market last October. From a local company called Dancing Light Lavender-they sell lavender based products for both people and pets. Their lovely blog describes the benefits of lavender in great detail.

The package I picked up at the farmers market is called the Gift Pack for your Favorite Canine and includes the

4 C’s of dog Care:

Cleaning (dirty dog wash)
Calming (lavender spritz)
Critters (bug spray)

The dog wash is a bar instead of liquid soap. Something I’d never encountered before for dogs. So naturally I was skeptical. But wow did it work well, lathered up, smelled delicious, and Bear’s coat felt amazing after his baths’. We carefully savored that bar to the very last bit!


The bug spray is safe to use directly on your pets, as well as their bedding to repel fleas and ticks. You know we’re all about natural flea and tick removal methods and we loved this spray!

The lavender spray has come in handy to calm Bear during his most anxious or OCD filled moments. Sometimes I spray it onto my hands and rub his ears, other times I spray it on a bandana he’s wearing.

I’m quite sure I paid $16 for the entire kit- a real steal!

The cookies were a typical biscuit type cookie so I immediately wrote them off for Scooter. He surprised me by loving them, and both boys were begging for more.

The products are all natural and made in Oregon- a total win for us- we love to support local!

It was fun to try a few new all natural products in our routine, and I’m planning to scout them out next time I’m at that farmers market to pick up another- gotta get my hands on another Dirty Dog Wash soap bar!

Do you get excited about pet bathing/grooming products?

Pssst- The people at Dancing Light Lavender have no idea who I am. I purchased these products with my own money and simply wanted to share because I thought some of you would love this product!

Friday Round Up

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As you may remember, I announced last week that I’m the newest contributing blogger to Pet Parent. I couldn’t be more thrilled!

Each Friday, I’ll plan to feature a collection of my posts with Pet Parent as well as a bit of a round up of pet-related news that’s caught my eye that particular week. A fun collection of pet inspiration from across the net, all in one spot.

Spring is here, which means Summer isn’t too far to follow- now is a great time to get your pup a doggie life jacket if you don’t already have one- to ensure his safety weather wading, swimming, or boating are on the agenda. We still can’t get enough of the Sleepypod, and are sharing our love of all things plush pet carriers this week too.

Maybe you’re wondering about a breed with great vision, someone who’s always got your back? Maybe a dog with exceptional hearing is what you’re after? Or one of my personal favorites: best dogs for bachelors. I also did a few breed profile highlights, including the ever popular chihuahua, bulldog, and sheltie.


As if this wasn’t enough excitement for one week- I’ve got a bit more news! I’ve been writing for Chippmunk.com for several months now, and recently acquired a Friday Feature where my pet related articles will be posting each week.

Hooray!! Not all about dogs, and pretty product focused, these articles are a great way to stay in touch with fun, new, and innovated products in the pet market- while being eligible for discounts on all the products listed using the coupon codes offered from Chippmunk.com.  Today’s post is all about prepping for your first puppy training class. 

Thanks for reading, and for all of your support! 

Have a lovely Easter Weekend!

Tin Shed Portland

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We’ve had our 2nd dog friendly dining experience in Portland (I still need to update you on our first one!) This one catered to the dogs’ dining needs though, where the first one didn’t, so I wanted to share a few details and our review of the place.

tinshed3 (2)

The Tin Shed Garden Cafe in Portland has an outdoor dining deck where the pups can join their owners for dinner and make a selection off the menu themselves. It’s not really open air (or wasn’t when we went) but rather was ‘tented’ in and quite comfy despite the rainy/chilly day.

tinshed5 (1)

It’s also a great location to meet up before/after doggie play dates which is what we did with Tenacious Terrier- we had an agenda for me to meet Onyxx prior to his mini-vacay at our place last month. The Tin Shed currently offers three different entree’s on their Dog Menu and we chose chicken and rice for the boys to split.


While we dined, there were anywhere between 5-8 different dogs in this outdoor dining deck and everyone did well in such close proximity-they were all just happy for their food! A few little yips, but all the people and dogs were happy to be in each others company. The staff seemed pleased about the pups’ presence and not just like they were tolerating the dogs too which always makes me quite happy and much more at ease.

tinshed3 (1)

Scootie LOVED the chicken and rice meal that he and Onyxx split (big portions, little dogs!) It was such a fun and unique experience. When my husband is back from out of country I think the four of us will go (Bear was absent from this first visit) and really enjoy ourselves. We’re always looking for ways to incorporate the dogs into everything we do on the weekends and this will be a great option for us. It looks like they have a dogs eat FREE on Tuesday night special- fun stuff! Tin Shed also sells bandanas for $8 (100% of proceeds go to a dog friendly non-profit) and your pup gets half off their meals when they arrive donning said bandana- love their way of giving back!

tinshed5 (2)

I really liked the food at Tin Shed too and look forward to going back for more. I need a mimosa next time! What I didn’t know until after my first visit was that their eggs, beef, and chicken are all free range, and as is the Portland way- everything is as locally sourced as possible. Yay! They also compost all the leftovers- it’s always been the little things that ‘get me’ For locals, Tin Shed makes a lot of great announcements on their facebook page so that’s a great way to stay tuned.

Would you take advantage of a dog-friendly dining experience if your town had something similar to offer? How dog friendly do you think your town is?